Visio asking for Visual Basic for Applications.............................HELP!!! tia


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  • 1. Inserting Visio into Word
    Hello, I haven't found a convenient way to insert Visio objects into a Word document. Here's how I'd like to be able to do it: 1. "Insert|Object|Microsoft Visio drawing" would open Visio in separate process with a large (say 8.5x11 inch) drawing space. (By default, Visio edits in place with a 3x5 drawing space.) 2. When I return to Word, Visio would automatically remove the white space from around the drawing for me. (By default, Visio leaves the white space; I can get rid of it, but I haven't found a way to do it that comes even close to convenient.) 3. When I double click on the drawing in Word, Visio would open in a separate process with the drawing on the large drawing space exactly as it was when I created it. (By default, it edits in place, and if I've eliminated the white space there's no room to add to the drawing.) I'd appreciate any guidance you can give me to set up Visio so it will work this way, or a way that would be equally convenient. Thanks, Elbert
  • 2. How do I convert Autocad drawings to editable Visio files?
    I'm a longtime Visio Technical 5.0 user. One of the features of 5.0 we use every day is the Autocad drawing conversion. When importing, you can either import each layer into a "Displayed Layer" or a "Editable Layer." We import into an Editable Layer on most occasions. I downloaded the Visio 2003 trial, and attempted to import an Autocad drawing, and the entire thing was imported as a picture, rather than individual pieces. I was interested in upgrading to the newest version of Visio, but need this ability. Is there any way to do this, or any plans to add this functionality back into Viso? Thanks
  • 3. Problem printing drawing of more than 5 pages
    I tried printing a A3 Visio 2003 drawing that was fit into 6 X 1 A4 paper to print. However, when I print them, the horizontal lines were all not printed.
  • 4. Executing a macro
    Hi there, I can't find the convenient way to run a macro directly from shortcu on my desktop. I'd like to be able to run a certain macro just b clicking on my visio document shortcut, then this would open m document with everything done! I put the right path, but is possible t add the name of the macro to run? (like for Word: path/M macroname) thanx a lot for your help Avalon2
  • 5. How to draw a parabola
    How do I draw a parabola in Visio? I need an accurate parabola with specific dimensions to use as a cutout for a mould. Is there a method to plot a curve given its equation? Thanks Sam

Visio asking for Visual Basic for Applications.............................HELP!!! tia

Postby Boll Weevil » Sun, 16 May 2004 02:25:15 GMT

My work laptop came with visio 2003 and when I try to merge an excel
table it is asking for the Visual Basic for Applications.  Is this
something I can download some where?  Thanx in advance.

Re: Visio asking for Visual Basic for Applications.............................HELP!!! tia

Postby Al Edlund » Tue, 18 May 2004 19:00:48 GMT

I suspect that it is included in the trial version. CAVEAT becareful that
you don't over write
your production legal system with the trial software. I'd suggest you go
back to those that
loaded it onto your system. Another source is the VBA6.2 SDK which is
available for download
from MS.

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