Visio asking for Visual Basic for Applications.............................HELP!!! tia


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    I KNOW I'm not the first one to get this but Google doesn't have a lot to get this to work. I've got Office07 Pro Plus on my Vista box, I put the Visio 07 Pro CD in and attempt to run setup only to be greeted by 'The language of this installation package is not supported by your system' error. So....I have the latest OS, Office package and now trying Visio but nooooo....Bill and his boys have to block me from using their own sw. Anyone know the fix/workaround for this? And yes, I've uninstalled/reinstalled Office 07 - though I really shouldn't have had to. DOH!! TIA.
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    I have created an organizational chart in visio 2003 and am now attempting to link it back to the excel document. I tried using both the database wizard and the link to database under visio extras, but no success. I cannot even get all the way through the wizard. It will not allow me to define a table to link the document to, and says that the connection has failed. Do i need the ODBC tool? Is excel compliant? Please help!
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    I created a Visio organizational chart using microsoft excel. However, I had to rearrange the chart to make it more presentable, and don't know if this had an impact on linking and synchronizing it to the database. I would like to link the shapes on the chart to the database so i can update the database and will be reflected on the chart. I tried going to the add-ons and clicking the database options, but nothing even starts.
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    As a newbie on Visio, I am intrigued by the 'Category' shape to be found in the Entity Relationship Shape area. It's description: " or more tables are categories in another table." seems to be something useful - but I don't understand it!! Could anyone please take time to explain what this shape is for and how to use it? Many thanks for your kindness, Ian D -- Work performed in the spirit of service is worship...Baha'i Writings
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    Hello, I am looking into the Database possibilities of Visio Professional 2007. I managed to connect Sharepoint to Visio, but only in one way. So Sharepoint is leading and Visio follows. Is there a way to make the connection two ways, so that is Visio is changed, Shairepoint will follow ? Thanks, Arnold

Visio asking for Visual Basic for Applications.............................HELP!!! tia

Postby Boll Weevil » Sun, 16 May 2004 02:25:15 GMT

My work laptop came with visio 2003 and when I try to merge an excel
table it is asking for the Visual Basic for Applications.  Is this
something I can download some where?  Thanx in advance.

Re: Visio asking for Visual Basic for Applications.............................HELP!!! tia

Postby Al Edlund » Tue, 18 May 2004 19:00:48 GMT

I suspect that it is included in the trial version. CAVEAT becareful that
you don't over write
your production legal system with the trial software. I'd suggest you go
back to those that
loaded it onto your system. Another source is the VBA6.2 SDK which is
available for download
from MS.

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