visio only half of calendar printing. page and drawing the sam


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    I just don't see the whole solution: I am in a company which provides engineering, procurement and construction management services to the chemical industry. I would like to develope some visual support to discuss on-going workflow and integration projects. I have read a few books on UML and have used it for specific software and work process modeling. But for the big picture, I don't see how to put it all together. I would like to start with a high level diagram which shows the interactions (static) between the company and the rest of the world. I imagine a diagram showing the different groups (sales, marketing, HR, accounting, engineering, purchasing, etc) and their interactions with the rest of the world. I would like to be able to expand this diagram (click to a new page) to include more detail. Maybe, it should start with the company as a circle/square with interaction radiating out to the client base, specific customers, the community (for HR), suppliers, etc. Further, this continued detailing should be drillable to expose further and further details down to specific work processes. None of this seems to fit the UML views. What are these types of views called? How do I find some examples? I would like to find detailed, extensive examples. All help would be appreciated. Ray
  • 2. Visio anchors
    Right-click the object, then select Format-->Protection... on the pop-up context menu. Uncheck the attributes you wish to change, such as Width, Height, X position, etc. Randall Arnold "Clive Long,UK" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Hi, > > I have received a Visio 2000 diagram where some of the objects have > little grey anchors on the border. The anchors only become visible > when I select the object. These objects are impossible to move around > the diagram. How do I "manipulate" these objects so that I can resize > or move?? > > > Clive > > > > London, UK
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    What version Visio do you have? I've run 2000, 2002 and beta 2003 on XP. Randall Arnold "Bob" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news:bh0p8r$t9rhq$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > I've just upgraded from Windows 98se to XP Pro and discovered that my copy > of Visio Professional isn't compatible with XP (grrr). > > I don't need the latest version of Visio, so does anyone know if Vision 2000 > will run on XP Pro? > > Many thanks. > >
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    Hi, I developed a small application which uses Visio 11 Drawing ActiveX Control to demonstrate Business Process Flow creation using VISIO and VB.Net. This application is working fine in my Desktop. Now I am trying to focus on Web using ASP.Net for collaborative environment. Can you please tell me how to integrate Visio Drawing control in, when I include the same in ASP.Net I am not getting the all the properties and methods of the Control. If you provide some help, it will helpful for me to demostrate how this Drawing Control will be used on Web for Business Process Modeling. I think will be very interesting area where people will focus Regards, Phani Madhav Plz.. Forward it to my id XXXX@XXXXX.COM . B'coz I am unable to view queries in newsgroup

Re: visio only half of calendar printing. page and drawing the sam

Postby S0c » Fri, 11 Aug 2006 00:20:02 GMT

Thanks Al.  I am downloading the service pack.  I haven't found a print 
driver download on the site yet, but hope the service pack will fix it.

Re: visio only half of calendar printing. page and drawing the sam

Postby Al Edlund » Fri, 11 Aug 2006 01:01:53 GMT

the printer driver would be specific to the printer you are trying to print 
to (i.e. hp, lexmark, epson, etc.) and you should check their sites.

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