Modify a shape master and update all the shapes on the visio p


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    That option was removed in Visio 2003. Randall Arnold "MGT" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... > Can Visio 2003 save a drawing in CMG format. If so can some one tell me > what I need to do in order to do this ? In my save sa menu I can't find > the .cgm format. > Thanks
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    Is there such a thing as a "partial room" shape? I need to create a detailed floor plan for one area of a building for a remodeling project. It's a small area with several closets and a hallway surrounded by large rooms. I want to show the closets and hallway in detail for the remodeling work. I would like to show parts of the surrounding rooms for context, but I don't want to show the entire rooms because that would occupy 95% of the drawing. I just want to show a few feet surrounding the area in question. I've seen drawings (not Visio) where rooms are show with jagged edges indicating that they are not shown in their entirety. Can I do something like that with Visio? I know I can draw three walls and leave the 4th side open, but I was hoping to use a single shape, like the room shape, but with one side cut away. Thanks -- Using Visio Standard 2002 (10.0.525) For email, use Usenet-20031220 at
  • 5. Door jump from room to room
    I am working on a floor plan. I have created several rooms. Each of them have one or more doors. When I try to align them, either by dragging or nudging, the doors sometimes jump off of the moving room onto the stationery room. I've tried making the room and the door a group, but it still jumps. Help! -- Using Visio Standard 2002 (10.0.525) For email, use Usenet-20031220 at

Re: Modify a shape master and update all the shapes on the visio p

Postby THVjYS5pcHBv » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 18:50:01 GMT

Very good, thank you.

Is it possibile to install that utility without having administration 
privileges on a PC? In my work PC I don't have such priviliges....


Re: Modify a shape master and update all the shapes on the visio p

Postby Paul Herber » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 20:00:04 GMT

Not sure, all I can suggest is try it and see. It will depend on what privileges you have.

Regards, Paul Herber, Sandrila Ltd.
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my problem is the following:
1) I create a new shape master
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3) then when I make a modification on the shape master I would automatically 
update all the shapes on the visio pages I used before; is that possibile? 
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2.Update shape instances when master shape is changed

I've got a Visio drawing with about 300 instances of a master shape.  When I
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However, I want to make a change to the master shape with some VBA code and
get all the instances to update automatically.  I have written some code
that seems to do this, but it doesn't always update all the instances.
Could someone paste a snippet of code that would do this to check that I am
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style, line, and connector locations. I need the flexibility to be able to 
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couple of connection points.  I'm using Visio Pro 2003 SP2.

I thought the solution was to make a new master shape, but I can't make the 
shapes already on the page update to match the master when I change the 
master. Here's what I did so far:

I carefully followed the help directions to create a new master shape and to 
save the stencil I had it on. I then dragged it on to the page to make 
several instances of that shape in a drawing. Then I edited the master shape 
and re-saved the stencil. The help claims that doing so will automatically 
update any instances of that shape on the page. It did not. 

So I read a little further and found that you can also supposedly 
right-click on the instance of the shape on the page and use Format > Style 
and set the Text, Line, and Fill styles back to "use master's format." So I 
did that. That didn't work, either.

Any suggestions?


4.DoDragDrop on modified master shapes has strange side-effect

The scenario is the following:

I have a tree which I drag shapes from. When dragging the item, i find its 
corresponding master in the document stencil (via doc.Masters.get_ItemU) and 
DoDragDrop(foundMaster, DragDropEffects.Copy) on the master shape I get.

After doing this a couple of times (and it works as it should) i edit (in 
visio) the master shape in the document stencil. After updating all 
references i try dragging another one in from my tree. The dragged object 
looks fine, but when releasing/dropping the shape on the drawing surface, the 
text is renamed to what it was before, and another master is created in the 
document stencil.

Why is this happening? My code find the correct master since the text is 
correct when dragging the item without releasing it... But Visio does 
something when i release it. I know that the UniqueID changes when editing 
the text, but should this really be a problem?

If i edit the master in the document stencil before doing any drag-and-drop 
operation, then drag-and-drop works (no change of text and no new master 
shape), but immediately after editing the master, it starts acting weird!

Dragging the master from the document stencil works fine in every case.

Another thing:
I have also noticed that the icon when my drag-and-drop operation is going 
on, is more like in windows explorer, but when using the document stencil 
it's only a small 'plus' sign. What is the difference?.. How can I access 
Visios internal drag-and-drop functionality?

5.Modified Shape Masters have funny effect on Text Placement

I've modified a couple of master shapes by adding some lines and connection 
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longer goes into the normal text location.  Instead it opens a new textbox 
right in the middle of the object with a different format.

I can get to the normal text location by clicking repeatedly until it's 
chosen as a sub-object, but I assume there's a way for me to tell Visio that 
the "old" default text location/object should *still* be the default text 
location object.

Can someone tell me how I can accomplish this?  I don't seem to have the 
right vocabulary to find it using search terms.

Thanks in advance.

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