changing line weights


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    Stencil "EE - Switches and Relays" have a number of shapes that have multiple positions. You drag and drop a switch, then you can right click on the switch to select whether you want it OPEN/CLOSED. When you select, the shape changes to match the selection. How do you make shapes like this? How do you create the menu options? I would like to either modify existing shapes or start from scratch. I cannot find any description of how to do this in the online help. I am using MS-Visio 2000 Technical and MS-Visio 2003 Pro.
  • 2. Print Setup, then Page Setup tab
    This will probably seem trivial and obvious. I am trying to format a fairly large visio file. All drawings come out on four pages rather than one. I am trying to format the page. Most of this can be taken care of in the Page Setup tab, under Print Setup. My problem is that the Page Setup does not allow me to change the options, it's "frozen" can't click anything. Any idea what's causing that. It's a visio 2003 file saved for 2000. I'm working in 2000. Thanks, pepe
  • 3. Internet access required for stencils/templates
    Why doesn't Visio 2003 have as many stencils/templates available within the "local" install as earlier versions? I used Visio 2000 in the past and I have used the geographic map templates on a regular basis. However I have just installed Visio 2003 on my laptop and these templates and stencils are missing! I have discovered that I need to have access to the internet to "download" each stencils as I need it (not much use when you are using a laptop on the road). I have searched everywhere on the Microsoft website to try to find where to download the complete set of stencils/templates but they don't seem to be available. Can anyone help me find where to download these?
  • 4. Network Diagramming Tool
    Hello All. I seem to remember back in Visio 2000 Enterprise I think, there was a tool that would go out and search the network for various nodes and switches and so on and then create a Visio diagram of it. Is that still around and if so how do I accomplish it with Visio 2003 Professional? Or was I imagining all of it. And by the way, it was installed during the Visio installation and wasnt a 3rd party add-on. I do remember that it needed to have the 2nd CD to finish installing it. Does anyone remember this or am I just getting too old? TiA, Jeff

changing line weights

Postby Q3VyaW91cyBCb2I » Thu, 09 Sep 2004 07:17:02 GMT

I have inserted a CAD drawing (AutoCAD R14) into VISIO 2003  Prof. Demo 
version and wanted to change the line weiughts of several layers.  The 
operating sysytem for the pentium celron 2.5 ghz computer is XP Home Edition. 
 Going through Help it indicates a clear method of doing what I need 
accomplished.  However, it does not apply the changes as described in the 
help and as edited.  Is it because this is a demo version or am I not finding 
the right commands?  I appreciate anyone's assistance.


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