Changing Page setting on multple pages


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Changing Page setting on multple pages

Postby YmFycnk » Sat, 17 Jan 2009 05:40:00 GMT

My visio files typically have 30 to 40 pages.

I sometimes have to change page size (or other page setting) on all or many 
of these at once.  You would think there was a way to do this without going 
to each page.????

Re: Changing Page setting on multple pages

Postby John... Visio MVP » Sat, 17 Jan 2009 07:32:39 GMT

That is where you get to learn how to play with VBA.  ;-)

It would be a nice feature, but they have to balance against feature bloat. 
So since it is easy to write a VBA script, is the feature really needed.

I have set up VBA code routines to switch from A4 to letter size. So why do 
you have to change page settings?


Re: Changing Page setting on multple pages

Postby YmFycnk » Sat, 17 Jan 2009 08:29:01 GMT

One persons feature bloat is another's essential tool.

Look at the nice tabular dialog box for editing layer properties for example.
I don't have to open a separate dialog for each layer.  I get to view that 
pattern of properties across all layers (Which is valuable in itself)  and 
changes the ones I want.  Why not  a similar approach to page properties?

In my latest example, The house I'm designing has changed size.  I need to 
change the PDF page size for all drawings (pages) from 24x36 down to 21x28.  
I always need to print all my pages at the same size.  Bt the size needed can 
go up or down as design progresses.  The pages can be different scales 
however: site plans one sacle, floor plans and elevations another, details a 
third scale.

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