Cross Functiona Charts


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  • 1. can i do the visio upgrade without the visio cd available
    i downloaded the visio services pack 2 upgrade, but i am unable to use my cd. it continously gives me "upgrade unsuccessfull". is there a possibility to do the said upgrade withou resorting to the cd.
  • 2. How do I make a "custom" shape?
    I want to make a circle shape with a small "flat" section on one end of the circle. Kind of the way a car tire low on air pressure would look, again a circle with a "flat" section on one end. I tried to do this be exporting a circle to "Paint" and modifying it and then pasting it back into Visio but that did not work. I need to be able to draw this custom shape in Visio. -- Dan
  • 3. Visio viewer 2003 gives "page cannot be displayed"
    Hi, When I want to view a vsd in visio visio viewer 2003, I get an error o my browser "the page cannot be displayed" and closes. I tried restall, no luck. What can I do, what are the requirements for visi viewer 2003 to work. I have windows xp sp2 office xp and visio x installed on my machine all things patched to the latest level. Thanks WI
  • 4. embedding excel files into visio
    Hi, I am trying to import data from a rather large excel file and placing it into visio 2000. Being that the width of the excel file is not too large (Columns A -> J ) I want to be able to see the data that I import into Visio (while still being able to edit it once i double click on my selection). The problem that I am running into is that once I insert the Excel file, part of the selection gets cutoff. I know the entire selection is there because when I go to edit it, I can view the entire file. However, I would like to view the entire file (columns A -> J ) even when I am not editing it. Is there some maximum size to an embedded file that I can place into visio? Or is there something that I'm missing or something that I can do to override that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • 5. Does Visio supports Oracle 10g
    Hi I am very new to Visio , i am famillar with Silverrun,Rational & ER-WIn . I had been modelling oracle databases with these tools, i had a debate with my friend regarding the features of visio for which we require clarifications to proceed further on which tools to use Visio vs other tools for modelling an oracle db erd. Can i use VISIO to model an ORACLE DB . I have a DB in Oracle 10g R2 1) can i reverse engineer oracle 10g DB into visio model do changes to the design (add few column ,remove few columns etc).. 2) Does Visio supports all oracle 10g Datatypes. 3) Can i also create an Oracle db using Visio (ie) create oracle 10g tablespace,rollbacksegments etc... in visio so that in the forward engineering script i can the Oracle scripts. 4) Are domains avaialabel in visio (ie) for every datatype i create a domain 5) Can i have subschemas & can these been shared. (ie) multiple users can access different subschema and the changes will be done automatically in main schema Thanks in adv Thirumaran

Cross Functiona Charts

Postby U3VlIFQ » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 19:38:11 GMT

Hi I would like to get more information about the cross funtional chart.  I 
have gone through the Microsoft Step By Step for Visio 2003 and although an 
excellent book to get started it lacks in details.  I know that they do not 
have an Advanced book out so does anyone know of any other sources I could 
get more detailed information on the finer points of Visio.  Thank You for 
any Help

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