Cross Functiona Charts


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    Hi, Visio 2003/XP Pro SP2 I'm using the automation in the timeline so I can slide the milestones back and forth and the dates change automatically. But, I have this problem on two computers where if I lower my security to high and disable 'enable automation events' in options > security, when I start Visio, it tries to run/install all the add-ins I have, which is about 30 (and I don't know where they all came from; only a few) - everytime I start Visio. This is no good. If I increase the security to high, then the automation doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can get it to stop running/installing all the add-ins. It also seems to be every program I have in Desktop, where my downloads go. Thanks a bunch, Michele P.S. - All the other boxes are unchecked in the security window and in Macro Security under Trusted Publishers, 'Trust all installed add-ins and templates' is not checked, but 'Trust access to Visual Basic Project' is checked.
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    Good Afternoon: I am trying to enlarge the shapes in my Visio diagram of a Gantt chart. This is my first Gantt chart, and I am having an issue changing the shape size. Any suggestions?
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    Hi, I own Visio 2007 Professional, but I do not own Visual Studio -- I only have the Express editions. Because of that, I cannot reverse engineer from Visual Studio to get .NET classes into Visio. How can I get .NET classes into Visio Pro 2007 without the functionality of an entirely separate product? Thanks, John
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    I am trying to create custom audio component shapes to mount into the rack stencil. The shapes provided, when dragged over to the rack, drag as a line with connection points. This line represents the bottom edge of the shape. Shapes that I've created, using downloaded photos, have the connection points at the center ends. This creates spacing issues within the rack. How do I create my shape to have same bottom line connection feature?
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    I have several groups of UML shapes that I add to a page on a regular basis. How do I create a macro to do this automatically? I don't want to copy and paste as this creates a new "version" of the same shapes in the Model Explorer which ends up complicating the linkages.

Cross Functiona Charts

Postby U3VlIFQ » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 19:38:11 GMT

Hi I would like to get more information about the cross funtional chart.  I 
have gone through the Microsoft Step By Step for Visio 2003 and although an 
excellent book to get started it lacks in details.  I know that they do not 
have an Advanced book out so does anyone know of any other sources I could 
get more detailed information on the finer points of Visio.  Thank You for 
any Help

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> % is just the max with the dialog.
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