Decision Diamond


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  • 1. Generating Diagrams from Files and Folders?
    I have a folder containing 13 sub folders with a total file count of 2,445 text files. Each of these text files extends off another text file which may either be of the same sub folder or another one within the directory of sub folders. How can I go about generating a diagram of how they all link together?
  • 2. Seeking Visio automobile/car stencils/drawings
    I am seeking Visio stencils/shapes/drawings of cars which must be available (that is, licensed) for editing and use in a publicly distributed technical document. I am willing to pay a reasonable download fee (e.g., $20 to $50, maybe a little bit more). Drawings should show various aspects of a car interior and exterior -- generic engine, engine parts, passenger compartment, dashboard, interior and exterior views of front, side, and back windows with surrounding elements, seats, doors closed, doors opened, tires, brakes, underbody, transmission, frame, etc. etc. etc. Some views showing a driving in place would be helpful as well. If Visio clipart is not available, any other sources of similar clipart (in other formats, for example, .jpeg) would be welcome. Thanks in advance for all leads. (Did a search on the Web, was flooded with links, none that led me to what I needed.)
  • 3. Printing full diagram
    Is there a way to print everything about a diagram, including the "documentation" for the attributes, default values for the attributes, documentation for the operations, etc for each diagram? I've gone through print preview to see if there was a way to print out all the extra information but the only thing it's showing are the diagrams and their relationships. Do any of you have pointers for me? thnx, Christoph
  • 4. Component / Sub-component
    I want to model the concept "Component / Sub-component" with rectangles for example. If I have component A with it's sub-components A1 and A2, then I have 3 rectangles with A containing A1 and A2. Is it possible to constraints A1 and A2 moving out of rectangle A? Then the relation between them is lost. (In Flowcharter (used years ago) this was easily done). Thanks in advance...
  • 5. Can I change table name formatting in Visio?
    I have been handed a schema in Visio and would like to change the font for the table names to make them easier to read.

Decision Diamond

Postby QWxhbl9TY2hlbms » Tue, 19 Oct 2004 18:35:05 GMT


If it is standard practice to generate a yes or no response from a decision 
diamond, is there a standard method/format for placing a "yes" and a "no" out 
of the diamond? ie. where do you place them, on the line, next to the line? 
in a square or rectangle?

Any help gratefully received.

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