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  • 1. Numbered Shapes
    Hi, I am using Visio 2003. I numbered all the shapes in a flowchart using the Tools|Add-Ons|Visio Extras|Number Shapes. I now find I can not get rid of the numbers. How can I delete the numbers? I will probably say "DUH" when it is pointed out to me Thanks Carl
  • 2. How to have same editable element in the same position on different drawings
    Hi all, this is my first message on this newsgroup, i've looked around if you have already answered to this question but i was not able to find this. This is my problem: I'm using Visio to document the wireframes of the pages of a new website. As you know every page of a website usually has the same header, so to not draw it in each drawings i've used for it a specific background i use in all the pages. I need also to insert, for example, the breadcrumbs (you know that things that remember you where on the site you are like Home > Products > Motherboard) always in the same place of every pages. For this i cannot use background because the element is alway the same (a text cell) and always aligned in the same spot, but i need to edit it for every pages, and the background feature doesn't allow it. The breadcrumb element is just an example, but i have many items on the pages that works the same way: same element, same position but different text. There's a way to avoid to add those elements on every page and align them in the same way? Thanks, any help is really appreciated.
  • 3. can visio produce house plan to print and approved?
    I would just like to know if visio can generate real house plan that can print,and approved?
  • 4. Apply Org Chart Template?
    Hello, I have inherited a file containing numerous pages of org charts. The file was not created using the Organization Chart template and, therefore, the org chart menu and features are not available to me when updating these charts. Is there any way to apply the Organization Chart template to the existing file so I can access the org chart menu and features? I am using Visio 2007. Thanks.

Drawing Explorer - Doc Protection

Postby Um9uaW8 » Wed, 19 Jul 2006 02:53:02 GMT

I've recently upgraded to 2003.  I was almost positive that in 2002 I had the 
option to protect the document with a password.
However, in vis 2003 i don't see a password option?

How do I keep my users from just opening up the explorer and just 
un-checking the protection.

Re: Drawing Explorer - Doc Protection

Postby Mark Nelson [MS] » Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:24:05 GMT

This feature was removed from Visio 2003 because the password simply wasn't 
secure enough.  Rather than give users a false sense of security, we removed 
the feature.  We are exploring ways to offer more robust protection in the 
future and would like to hear more about the scenarios where you want 
document protection.

Mark Nelson
Office Graphics - Visio
Microsoft Corporation

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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