add extra feature for a shape


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add extra feature for a shape

Postby haribo » Thu, 14 Sep 2006 00:24:16 GMT

Hello newsgroup,

John (Visio MVP) wrote in former times:
Since this is a grouped shape, you should NOT try to ungroup it.
(Usually after a set of shapes are grouped, extra features are added to
the group that will be lost if you ungroup the shapes)

Now i'm interested in adding an extra feature to a grouped shape. This
feature should be the same as in the "Rack Mounted Equipment" stencil
the devices have, when you drop them to a rack, they will autocatch the
connectors in the rack. I created a backview of a server an group all
together to one shape. But how i get the 1-d endpoint for placing this
grouped shape to the rack an its connectors?
I tried to add a 1-d endpoint section in the shapesheet of my grouped
shape, but visio does not give this as opportunity :-(

Kindly regards,
Harald Hartmann

Re: add extra feature for a shape

Postby Mark Nelson [MS] » Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:09:49 GMT

It sounds like you want your shape to behave like the rack shapes - 
specifically that they act like 1-D shapes.  Select the shape, then go to 
Format > Behavior and change the Interaction Style to Line (1-dimensional).

Mark Nelson
Office Graphics - Visio
Microsoft Corporation

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Re: add extra feature for a shape

Postby haribo » Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:07:19 GMT

Thank you Mark,
that's it. What a disgrace on my part. Sometimes it's so simple but you
not see the wood for the trees :-)

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