Modifying masters in a stencil


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Modifying masters in a stencil

Postby Markus Breugst » Sat, 08 Jan 2005 23:06:47 GMT

Dear All,

I would like to programatically modify a stencil by changing the name and
some properties of the contained master shapes. (The name I want to change
is the name that is displayed below each master in the stencil.)
This is to be implemented in a C# application. However, for testing I wrote
the VBA macro below.

The macro works fine if the stencil is open for editing (mouse click onto
the top left corner of the stencil, then click "Edit").

Question: How can I enter a stencil's edit mode programatically? I tried
this via the AllowEditing flag or by closing and re-opening the stencil with
the 'visOpenRW' flag. Unfortunately, both did not work. I found several
newsgroup threads concerning this issue, but none of them really helped me.

Thanks a lot in advance for any hint!

Best regards,

Public Sub UpdateStencil()
    Dim myStencil As Document
    Dim myMasters As Masters
    Dim myMaster As Master
    Dim myMasterCopy As Master
    Dim myShape As Shape
    Dim index As Integer
    Dim win As Window

    On Error Resume Next

    Set myStencil = Documents("My Stencil.vss")
    myStencil.Title = "New Title"
    Set myMasters = myStencil.Masters
    For index = 1 To myMasters.Count
        Set myMaster = myMasters(index)
        Set myMasterCopy = myMasters(index).Open
        Set myShape = myMasterCopy.Shapes(1)
        myMaster.Name = "New Name"
        myShape.Cells("User.ELEMENT_ID").Formula = 12345
    Next index
End Sub

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