Visual Basic .Net 2003 Standard Addition


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  • 1. Wait Cursor Remains on Visio Drawing Control 2003
    This happens after clicking 'Cancel' in a context dialog. e.g. right-click on a shape and select 'Properties'. The Custom Properties Dialog Box is displayed. Click 'Cancel'. The Custom Properties Dialog Box dissapears but the Wait Cursor (hourglass) stays until the user clicks on the drawing. Any idea how to stop this behavior? -- Thanks Marx
  • 2. Save Selection in Visio.Selection into Another Visio Doc
    I have a selection of objects in a Visio.Selection. How can I save this selection into another Visio Document???? Thank You, Gary
  • 3. Visio 2007 on open generates unwanted shape data row
    The document is large, with 30 shape data rows to track data center racks. When the document is opened, shapes have additional data rows that did not exist on save and close. When the extra rows are deleted and the doc saved and Visio closed, the same or other data rows appear when the doc is reopened. The rows do not exist in the shape data set, and applying the set does not prevent new rows from appearing. Any ideas? -- Don techwriter
  • 4. Visio 2002 doesn't recognise digital signature
    We have a template which is associated with three stencils, all in Visio 2002 format. All of these files are digitally signed. However, the first time a new document is created in Visio 2002 using that template, the signatures aren't recognised, and macros are disabled (macro security set to High). On subsequent occasions, the signatures are recognised, and the user is prompted accordingly. When using Visio 2003 or Visio 2007, the signatures are recognised the first time. Can anyone offer an explanation?
  • 5. External XML Manipulation of Dynamic Connectors
    Hi, Here is what I am trying to do: My program starts off with a visio vdx file and parses the file inserting items where new content should be. I do not have the api available to use this bacwards way is what I am dealing with. My problem, when i create a dynamic connector between two milestones on different timelines the line does not redraw itself until I move one milestone. I want it to recalculate the dynamic connector when I load the drawing. I found this is due to the fact the recalculation is based on the event in the BegTrigger and EndTrigger called EventXFmod. I want to figure out how to make this function recalculate on load of the vdx file not after one of the milestones are moved. Thanks! Josh

Visual Basic .Net 2003 Standard Addition

Postby S2Vu » Mon, 16 Jan 2006 07:53:02 GMT

I bought Visual Basic .Net 2003 standard addition intending to use it with 
Visio pro 2003. Trying Visio tutorial (Viso tutorial says it is for 
VB.Net) but find out xtensibillity Projectsare not supported in the 
standard version. I suspect, I won be able to do any more with .Net than I 
can with VBA. What is the minimum .net platform that can be used to develop 
custom Visio applications? Does anyone know of any tutorials for using the 
standard addition of Visual Basic .net with Visio?
Ken Swindell

Re: Visual Basic .Net 2003 Standard Addition

Postby Al Edlund » Tue, 17 Jan 2006 00:15:00 GMT

I have to admit that I am not working with the standard version and was 
unaware that it did not support extensibility projects. Is there some reason 
that does not support native applications using the visio drawing 
activex control? The interface using the activex control is a great deal 
like the vba interface and you should be able to use many of the example 
pieces of code in the v2003 sdk. John Marshall has some good reference 
documents listed on his site (

Re: Visual Basic .Net 2003 Standard Addition

Postby S2Vu » Tue, 17 Jan 2006 10:27:03 GMT


Thank you for responding. I checked out the sight you recommended, but was 
unable to find any .net code. For someone wanting to learn it looks like they 
should invest in at lease the professional addition, because it required 
for most of the examples Ie found. 
Ken Swindell

Re: Visual Basic .Net 2003 Standard Addition

Postby Al Edlund » Tue, 17 Jan 2006 23:04:00 GMT

John has references to books that can help you understand the visio model 
which is very heavily dependent on the shapesheet. Examples (vb, c#, and 
.net) are in the library section of the visio sdk. There are also tutorials 
in the sdk.

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