HowTo: convert Visio font to AutoCAD font


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    I'd like to extend the View>Layer command to display all the layers for all the sheets in a Visio project, and allow the user to enable/ disable layers across the project. I have a little familiarity with Visio and VBA, so I'm hoping for some example code to get me started in the correct direction. I've found VBA to turn on a partcular layer across all sheets in a project, but not anything that would build a list of all the layers present and allow the user to choose.
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  • 3. Rich text in a Visio shape
    I need to place RTF text in a Visio shape from a .Net application. The Visio SDK documentation says that the Shape.PasteSpecial(visPasteRichText) method on a group shape should do the trick, but I get a COM exception: "Requested operation presently disabled." I can't find an example anywhere in this forum on anywhere else on the internet. Can anyone post an example of putting rich text in a Visio shape? Here's my code: using System.Windows.Forms; using Visio = Microsoft.Office.Interop.Visio; public void Draw() { // Get some rich text. RichTextBox rtfBox = new RichTextBox(); rtfBox.Text = "This is some rich text."; rtfBox.SelectAll(); rtfBox.SelectionColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue; // Copy the rich text into the clipboard. Clipboard.SetText(rtfBox.SelectedRtf, TextDataFormat.Rtf); // Paste the rich text into a shape. Visio.Shape visioShape = VisioInfo.Page.DrawRectangle(2, 2, 4, 4); visioShape.ConvertToGroup(); // This avoids "Inappropriate target object for this action" exception. visioShape.PasteSpecial((int) (Visio.VisPasteSpecialCodes.visPasteRichText), false, false); // This line throws "Requested operation presently disabled" COM exception. } The exception is thrown whether or not the new shape is selected. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    I have an Excel add-in (COM), and I want to take the output from it and generate Visio diagrams. Ideally I would like to support older versions of Visio. I have the Visio 2002 SDK, but I don't have a feel for the Visio market. - Is Visio 2002 still widely used? - Given that I just want to generate basic diagrams such as flowcharts, are there any compelling reasons to use a newer SDK? Thanks, Nick
  • 5. Manipulating sequence diagram in Visio
    I am using Microsoft Visio 2003 to define static classes with operations/methods and a sequence diagrams referring to these classes. The sequence diagram is almost done, but i realized that i missed one operation in middle of the diagram. When i try to move rest of the sequences down by selecting it as a block, all the operations in the block loose link with static diagrams. ( Methods which were referred to static classes that appeared as fun() in sequence diagram, after movement appear as fun in sequence diagram, which means that now they no longer refer to static diagrams and any future changes would not be reflected in dynamic sequence diagrams automatically.) The sequence diagrams have grown to A3 size paper and i have many of such diagrams which needs correction. Manually moving the operations one by one would involve lots of effort. Could someone kindly suggest a way to overcome this problem?

HowTo: convert Visio font to AutoCAD font

Postby UXVvIFZhZGlz » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 11:25:04 GMT

Using Visio Automation, would it be possible to convert Visio font such as 
Arial to AutoCAD font such as ROMANT when saving a file in Visio 2003?

Re: HowTo: convert Visio font to AutoCAD font

Postby Chris Roth [ Visio MVP ] » Fri, 29 Oct 2004 05:33:04 GMT

I'm no ACAD expert, so....

Is the AutoCAD font available to the system (ie: in the Visio drop-down 

Or is an AutoCAD font a thing that is only available to AutoCAD.

If the first case, then you can change the font for each shape, or change 
the font for the Text style used by each shape (hopefully affecting more 
than one shape at a time) -- or change the font for the Master object behind 
each shape instance, while we're thinking inheritance.


Hope this helps,

Chris Roth
Visio MVP

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