HowTo: fix incorrect placement of Text after converting to AutoCAD


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HowTo: fix incorrect placement of Text after converting to AutoCAD

Postby UXVvIFZhZGlz » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 11:19:02 GMT

As AutoCAD DWG, I saved Page which has Callout-straight master with 
left-aligned text of Annotations stencil in Visio 2003. When I open the file 
in Visio and AutoCAD, the text is incorrectly placed upside down. Does anyone 
know how to fix this problem?

Re: HowTo: fix incorrect placement of Text after converting to AutoCAD

Postby Mark Nelson [MS] » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 14:15:18 GMT

There is a known problem with exporting rotated objects to DWG.  This might 
be the case here.  Note that 1-D shapes also have rotation angle associated 
with them.

Mark Nelson
Microsoft Corporation

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