Update shape instances when master shape is changed


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Update shape instances when master shape is changed

Postby -CaptainPugwash- » Wed, 09 Mar 2005 04:42:11 GMT

I've got a Visio drawing with about 300 instances of a master shape.  When I
change some of the properties of the master shape it updates all the
instances as expected, after it prompts me for whether I want to update all
the instances of the master shape.

However, I want to make a change to the master shape with some VBA code and
get all the instances to update automatically.  I have written some code
that seems to do this, but it doesn't always update all the instances.
Could someone paste a snippet of code that would do this to check that I am
on the correct lines, and furthermore, is there a way in VBA to tell it to
update all the instances after a change has been made to the master shape
(as the prompt would usually do, if the changes were made manually to the

Many thanks.


Re: Update shape instances when master shape is changed

Postby junethesecond » Wed, 09 Mar 2005 09:48:35 GMT

There are VBA examples in
, or in Visio2003 SDK, but, I think, more easy way is to open your code
here, and make every body can look your code.

Re: Update shape instances when master shape is changed

Postby Chris Roth [ Visio MVP ] » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 08:36:27 GMT

Might be the old master copy deal. Assuming your master contains only one 
(grouped if necessary) shape inside of the master container, do this:

Dim mst as Visio.Master, mstCopy as Visio.Master
Dim shp as Visio.Shape

Set mst = Visio.ActiveDocument.Masters("CapnP")
Set mstCopy = mst.Open

    Set shp = mstCopy.Shapes(1)
    shp.Cells("Prop.FirstMate").Formula = Chr(34) & "Gilligan" & Chr(34)
    Set shp = Nothing


set mstCopy = Nothing
Set mst = Nothing


Hope this helps,

Chris Roth
Visio MVP

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