I can print only a portion of the Drawing Page


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    the c# code: ... private OracleCommand GetInsertCommand(int aFTPUSAGEID, string aFILENAME, DateTime aWHENCREATED) ... in visio - in the uml class diagram, the parameters show up like this: -GetInsertCommand: (in aFTPUSAGEID: string, in aFILENAME: string, in aWHENCREATED: DateTime) all on one line. this is ok but what happens when I have over 5 or 6 parameters? the class diagram shows them but increases the width of the class on the page over the page size. Is there any way to tell the parameter list to go down a line for each parameter? e.g. -GetInsertCommand: (in aFTPUSAGEID: string,<NEWLINE HERE> in aFILENAME: string,<NEWLINE HERE> in aWHENCREATED: DateTime) -- tym, Eskimo
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    .In Visio Technical you could use the SmartShape wizard to make text resize with a group, how can I do this in Visio 2000. I need the text to resize, not the text box
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    Hi, Can I set the ruler to start at a specicif measurement in x amount of intervals. Eg. i want the ruler to be from 0-22-44-66-88. So the intervals must be 22. IS this possible? Also can i start the ruler at 418 and also increase intervals of 22. That means the ability to start at any number which is divisble by 22. Thanku
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    Hi .. I am trying to create a network diagram that is huge. I found that perhaps it was best to either create it on multiple pages or.. or make it so that you start at the core and clicking you down the layers of networks/vlans. But how do one do that.. I can see that visio works with layers. But how is it possible to make an object (eg. cloud with text in it) clickable to show / hide this or that layer? Regards Lars

I can print only a portion of the Drawing Page

Postby R3JlZ2cgSm9uZXM » Tue, 16 Nov 2004 20:19:13 GMT

On Pagesetup, my drawing page and printing page are aligned and matched. 
However I can only print what is in my current view and that is the bottom 
1/3 of the drawing page.

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