I am having trouble with saving my microsoft word documents


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    As a newbie on Visio, I am intrigued by the 'Category' shape to be found in the Entity Relationship Shape area. It's description: "...one or more tables are categories in another table." seems to be something useful - but I don't understand it!! Could anyone please take time to explain what this shape is for and how to use it? Many thanks for your kindness, Ian D -- Work performed in the spirit of service is worship...Baha''i Writings
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  • 4. Making a macro flexible
    I tried to create a macro that would allow me to select individual shapes and add a new user-defined cell to the shape. The problem is that the macro doesn't allow me to select a new shape each time i execute the macro. It keeps trying to add the same user-defined cell to the original shape i selected. How do i make the macro smart enough to allow me to pick different shapes?

I am having trouble with saving my microsoft word documents

Postby YnJ1aXNlcg » Thu, 30 Sep 2004 01:07:02 GMT

it is unresponsive and essentially stalls when i try to save a document.  is 
this a bug?

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