How to update document stencil master from stencil


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How to update document stencil master from stencil

Postby QW5kZXJz » Tue, 04 Jul 2006 22:50:02 GMT

I am developing a stencil with shapes for our PI diagrams and of course I am 
getting wishes from my colleagues.

Is there a way to update the diagrams my colleagues created with the 
modified shapes I created in the stencil?
I would hate to have to modify the masters of the document stencil in 
several diagrams.

We are using Visio 2003 Pro.

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1.master shape in stencil versus document stencil

A drawing should refer to the stencil for its shapes so that the shapes can 
be kept and updated only in one place. When the master shape in the stencil 
is updated, the shapes in all the drawings derived from the master shape in 
the stencil should also change. However, this is not the case.

A master shape is copied over to the document stencil when it is dropped on 
the drawing. The document stencil behaves as the original stencil should from 
this point. When a master shape is changing in the document stencil, the 
change is getting propagated to all the shapes in the drawing. But when the 
master shape in the original stencil changes, nothing happens. The connection 
between the master shape in the original stencil and the derived shape is 

The document stencil belongs to one document only. So the concept of having 
a stencil and getting the changes only in one copy is broken. If we need to 
change every document stencil individually to get the change in the original 
master shape then we do not have a real stencil concept.

Which is a pity.

Kati Molnar

2.Instances doesn't get updated when the master stencil changes


I am trying to create a stencil master shape in such way that when I change 
the master, all instances also get updated according to the new master 

At this point I have a master shape in a stencil and I have hundreds of 
instances in different visio drawing based on the very same stencil. When I 
change the master shape, I have to change all instances (several hundreds) 
and this is such a pain.

How can I solve this problem?

Any help would be appreciated,

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