Linking between Visio files which have been published as a web


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Re: Linking between Visio files which have been published as a web

Postby c2lnZ2lhcmk » Thu, 12 Aug 2004 20:23:02 GMT

I've been testing it out and trying to find what parameters you are refering 
to. I don't seem to find it as the parameters aren't visible in html files 
saved from Visio. I only see the # mark at the end and that is it. I tried 
useing number of page and name of page as a parameter but it doesn't work.

On the other solution. There aren't any anchors in the visio pages that i 
can link to and if i try to link directly to the html files i get the same 
error as i talked about earlier. I can't find any help in the help files. 

I just need a little bit more detailed description on how to do things...

With excuses on not getting it the first time and thanks for the help,
Siggi Ari

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1.Linking between Visio files which have been published as a web pag

Hi Siggiari,

In Visio 2003, if you output the other Visio drawings to html and place them 
on a webserver, you can then link directly to the subpages using parameters. 
In the master Visio drawing, within the hyperlink dialog - browse and link 
to anchors in the other html output.  See the hyperlinks dialog online help 
for information.

Dick Hamilton
Microsoft Corporation

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

"siggiari" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
>I got a big project going on which uses few dozens of visio files and they 
>are published in html format. I want to connect between 1 visio file saved 
>as html to, e.g. page 4 in another visio file saved in html format. They 
>can be easily connected when i'm still in .vsd format but when i save to 
>html the link brakes. I only seem to be able to link to the first page in a 
>visio file that is saved as html. So the question is:
> Is there anyway that you could put a hyperlink in a visio filed saved in 
> html format to a page within a visio file that is also saved in html 
> format?
> I got a small workaround which i don't think i can use as it always pops 
> up an error in IE. If i publish the visio file in .gif format (doesn't 
> work with .vml) i can link directly to the sub html file (e.g. if the file 
> is called Meeting.htm then the page no. 4 is Meeting_gif_3.htm) but as i 
> said there pops up an error that i don't think i can fix. Note tho that 
> this workaround works fine with Visio 5 format which is the format i save 
> the .vsd files now in (i'm trying to update the files to Visio 2003).
> The error i got in the workaround is:
> Not implemented
> [in the line]
> document.onclick = clickMenu; 

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