Create invisible hot spots for links - RESOLVED


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    I have a crude floor plan that is 25yrs old with written markings. I inserted it and want to trace the walls to create a clean drawing. Can someone please give a brief description of the tools and commands I would use to do this? I realize I may be asking for the impossible, but I think If I had the right visio vocabulary, I might be able to do this without buying another 50 dollar book. thanks for all attempts!
  • 2. organization chart and save as web page
    i have imported a organization chart with 1000 employers. when i save as web page , with tools,widgets ,etc , i see it very small at 100% zoom format at "pan and zoom" window, i cannot read the names. is it possible (editing widget.htm i supose) to change zoom at 100%,200%,300% etc at "Pan and Zoom" window ? Thank you
  • 3. Copying Visio to Word at 100%
    I am working with Visio 2003 I find that when I paste Visio drawings into Word they don't paste in at the same size as the drawing itself IOW, I have a 9 x 5 drawing in Visio that I want to appear in Word as the same size. It pastes in fine but when I go to Format Picture it appears as 75%. This is an example. I adjust this is Page Setup perfectly (I think!) Am I missing something obvious Thanks.
  • 4. How to create a visio page template?
    How to create a visio page template? I created a visio template for design of business process. Each process initially has two pages, a foreground and a background. Trough the building of the flowchart I need then to insert new pages with specific format and shapes inside. Is it possible to insert template pages into an existent template drawing?
  • 5. Copying Visio drawings to Word in Office 2003
    Hello all. Recently I've encountered a problem with Visio objects' behavior in Word 2003. When I copy/paste anything from Visio to Word and then try to change it's properties - namely the text wrapping to "In front of text", the word document I am working on is getting messed up - visio object itself disappears, pages stop moving, I can not view the rest of the document, print preview does not even open, etc.. Reinstalling Office or/and Visio, Checking for errors, updates and such didn't resolve the issue. Uninstall and Install from scratch didn't help either. Both Visio and Word are the same version and SP. Frankly I don't know what else to do and am getting desperate. PLEASE HELP!

RE: Create invisible hot spots for links - RESOLVED

Postby Um9nZXJD » Sun, 02 Mar 2008 00:22:03 GMT

I got this to work perfectly by setting the fill transparency to 99% for the 
shapes that cover the area I want to be able to click on.  :) 

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(pictures).  I would like to open the links by clicking on invisible 'hot 
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propagate through the entire document.  It makes so much more sense now.  

Thanks for your help,


"Al Edlund" wrote:

> are you dragging from the 'real' stencil or from the document stencil (file 
> => shapes => document stencil). Under the covers there is an intermediate 
> step between the real stencil and the page where the shape is first copied 
> to the document stencil and then the page. You have to be sure which 
> 'master' you're changing.
> Al
> "JDCK" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> > Al,
> >
> > Thanks for your quick response!
> >
> > Acutally I suspected this as the solution from what I read in the visio 
> > help
> > file but after I drag the master to the sheet and then make a change to 
> > the
> > master and save the master the change does not propagate to the the object 
> > on
> > the sheet.  Am I doing something wrong? I'm running Visio 2002 SR-1
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > JDCK
> >
> > "Al Edlund" wrote:
> >
> >> consider making your changes to the object master which is in the 
> >> document
> >> stencil for those times that you want to propagate the changes across
> >> multiple images.....
> >> al
> >> "JDCK" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
> >> news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> >> >I have a document that has several pages with the same detailed object
> >> >which
> >> > needs frequent updates.  I am looking for a way to make changes to the
> >> > object
> >> > once and have the change propagate to the other objects on all of my 
> >> > other
> >> > pages.  Is there some way that I could use the "paste link" function or
> >> > something that works similar.  "Paste link" will only allow me to paste 
> >> > a
> >> > link from another visio document not from an object on a different page 
> >> > of
> >> > the same document.  I would really appreciate some direction on this
> >> >
> >> > Thanks,
> >> >
> >> > JDCK
> >>
> >>
> >> 

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