Visio 2003 - Does not preserve line formats on paste into Word


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  • 1. Looking to change the default font setting in Visio permanently
    I am trying to change the default font setting in Visio 2003. I would like it to stay once I change it. I know how to change the font for the document. I am looking for a permanent change.
  • 2. okay, am I missing something with the AutoCAD/Visio interaction?
    Hi y'all, I draw landscaping and pool plans with Visio and the issue I'm having is a suspicion that I'm not doing things in the most efficient way with respect to inserting AutoCAD drawings. I typically get a civil engineer's grading plan emailed to me as a .dwf file, then in Visio I go to Insert > AutoCAD drawing..., then find the .dwf and insert it basically in the same manner as one might insert a photo or a .pdf file. Then, I begin the laborious process of tracing over the entire AutoCAD drawing onto my Visio page...dragging, dropping, resizing every single piece of the house, property lines, contour lines, and everything else I need. So my question is...can Visio just convert the AutoCAD walls into Visio walls, the AutoCAD property line into Visio property lines, etc. without me having to physically trace everything myself?
  • 3. Basic Question
    I currently have Visio Pro 2003. Do I have to uninstall it to install the 2007 version or will it install on top of the old version? I don't want to end up with two versions on my machine.

RE: Visio 2003 - Does not preserve line formats on paste into Word

Postby Q0ND » Sun, 25 Jul 2004 06:55:03 GMT

The MS Knowledge Base article #837294 should give you the workaround you're looking for.  http://www.**--****.com/ ;en-us;837294&Product=visio2003

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