Effect of having "no active layer" when adding objects


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Effect of having "no active layer" when adding objects

Postby Dennis » Wed, 04 May 2005 22:24:24 GMT

Using 2003

What is the effect of not assigning shapes, when created, to a layer?
Or what is the problem of not flagging a layer as active when adding

Up until now I have not used layers.  Reviewing my previous work, I see
that the connectors seem to be on a layer (not active) and the same
with flowchart items.

I now realize that I can assign the various shapes to a layer.  That
said, are all non-assigned connectors and shapes - essentially on both
the "connectors" and the "flowchart" layers?

I hope that I my questions are clear.


Re: Effect of having "no active layer" when adding objects

Postby Al Edlund » Thu, 05 May 2005 00:36:37 GMT

'Most' shapes that you pull from stencils have a default layer assigned and 
if that layer is not on the active page, visio adds it. Layers get a lot of 
their strength by allowing the user to control what is visible, printable, 
Not using layers relative to shapes just means you lose some flexibility in 
the drawing, if you haven't used them until now then nothing is lost.

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My drawing has three layers named Comments (created by me as an
exercise), Connector (presumably created by Visio when I created the
drawing), and Flowchart (the same).  All of the  drawing's shapes,
which I created before learning about layers, disappear when I disable
"visible" for the Flowchart layer.  Similarly, all of the connectors
disappear when I disable "visible" for the Connector layer. Some
text-only objects which I created with the Comments layer active
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So far, so good. It appears that when no layer is active, shapes go
into the Flowchart layer and connectors go into the Connector layer.
This makes sense.

But then I created a text-only shape with no layer active, and it
remained visible when I disabled "visible" for ALL of the layers.
Apparently this shape was not in any layer.

Then I created a new flowchart shape with no layer active, and when I
disabled "visible" for the Flowchart layer, it AND the text-only shape
disappeared.  Apparently creating this shape not only put the shape in
the Flowchart layer, but also moved the text-only shape with it.

The drawing also has a line with text and a group with text, both
created before I did anything with layers, and these remained visible
when all layers were made invisible, and they still do.  Apparently
these objects were also created in no layer, and remained there when
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