How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings


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  • 1. Alignment in callouts
    Last week I already posted this problem, but since I posted the full story only a few days later, some of you may have missed it. The gist is I think I have detected a bug in Visio 2007, you could replicate my actions and should get the same strange result. First I created a shape including a custom property (data set) and a text callout. The vertical alignment in the callout is set to 'Top', and in the shape itself the vertical alignment of the text is also set to 'Top'. I dropped the new shape on the page, and I had to move the text call-out a little manually by using the arrow keys. (selection behavior of the shape default, i.e. 'Group first'.) Now, if I enter a long line for the shape's variable in the callout, the vertical alignment looks like 'Middle' instead of 'Top', although its values in both the shape itself and the call-out are 'Top'. I have dropped another instance of the new shape on the page, and entered a long line of text for the text call-out as well. I did not move the call-out for that shape, and here everything was fine. I compared the ShapeSheets of the two call-outs but there was no difference! Hopefully someone of you has a solution around this.
  • 2. Layer visibility vs. grouping
    A group of objects, each one resides in a separate layer but some of the layers are shared (several objects reside in more than one layer). Now I want to switch one layer invisible (but the objects on it are also on the other layer which must remain visible) get the picture. Is it possible to infroce some rules regarding grouped objects and layer visibility (in cases like this)? Mac

How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings

Postby Rmxhdmlv » Wed, 01 Jul 2009 02:36:01 GMT

Has anyone used visio for isometric drawings?

Re: How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings

Postby AlEdlund » Wed, 01 Jul 2009 03:03:17 GMT

check Chris Roth's site ( there are a lot of examples over 

Re: How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings

Postby John... Visio MVP » Wed, 01 Jul 2009 07:05:03 GMT

and do not forget Yoda  http://www.**--****.com/ 

John... Visio MVP

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