How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings


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    Need to set up a word document whose margins on the first page are different from those on subsequent pages. How do I do that and still be able to have the text wrap to the 2nd page and use the new margin settings for the 2nd page?
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    How can I enlarge a Visio 11 X 8.5 drawing to plot size ANSI C (22 X 17)?
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  • 4. Cable plug ends and connectors
    I recently purchased Visio 2003 Professional and am very displeased that it is missing shapes for the various plugs and connectors for everyday typical devices, especially computer devices. I was hoping to find shapes showing the plug end view with the pin outs and maybe side or angled profile views for; USB, Firewire, S-Video, VIVO, Composite, RCA, RJ11, RJ45, Parallel Port, Coaxial, maybe foreign plugs/jacks/wall outlets, etc... I know there are millions of connectors out there and Visio can't include them all, but I feel this is a little hole that shouldn't exist for the common connectors mentioned, especially for computer-based plugs/connectors, being that the product includes shapes already, to tie these connectors directly in to. (Networking Shapes)
  • 5. Symbol Font incompatibility between Visio 2003 and Word 2003
    When I create a drawing in Visio 2003 that is then inserted into a Word 2003 document (as an object), text that is in the Symbol font in Visio does not appear correctly in Word. For example, if I type the uppercase greek omega on my Visio drawing (uppercase W in the symbol font), it correctly appears as an omega in Visio. But after exiting Visio (File/Exit and Return to xxxxx.doc) and returning to the Word document, the omega appears as either an empty box or as a different symbol. If I print the Word document, the omega is printed as a capital W. This feature used to work fine with Office XP and Visio 2000. I recently upgraded to both Office 2003 and Visio 2003. If I open a document in Word 2003 that was created by Office XP and contains a Visio 2000 drawing, the greek symbols display and print correctly. Any ideas? This is a huge problem for me; most of my Visio drawings are electronic circuit diagrams containing lots of greek letters and symbols. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings

Postby Rmxhdmlv » Wed, 01 Jul 2009 02:36:01 GMT

Has anyone used visio for isometric drawings?

Re: How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings

Postby AlEdlund » Wed, 01 Jul 2009 03:03:17 GMT

check Chris Roth's site ( there are a lot of examples over 

Re: How to use visio to create piping isometric drawings

Postby John... Visio MVP » Wed, 01 Jul 2009 07:05:03 GMT

and do not forget Yoda  http://www.**--****.com/ 

John... Visio MVP

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