publishing multiple visio files into 1 location with "save asweb p


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publishing multiple visio files into 1 location with "save asweb p

Postby WWFuaXYgTm9yZA » Fri, 19 Oct 2007 06:52:00 GMT

I am working with a team of interaction designers, using Visio 2003 to create 
clickable protoypes through the "Save as web page" feature.

We have several Visio docs, each maintained and updated by a different 
designer. We are creating discreet, clickable prototypes from each of these 

We like to start stitching these together into a master prototype.

The end goal is to create a Visio-based authoring environment with multiple 
contributors and multiple source files, and to be able to publish out a 
single prototype. Since we are constantly tweaking the designs, it is 
important for us to avoid a situation where we manually update multiple files 
with each minor revision.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to resolve this issue?

Thank you.

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