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  • 1. Histogram control
    I don't know if I call it right, I need a scolling "histogram" which shifts from left to right. It should show the information about my program which looks like the network performance meter of the Cisco logo. Thanks Jack
  • 2. How can I overcome this???
    Hi all, I've got a problem which I still didn't solve. Here it is: I've got a client project and various usercontrols, which are created at runtime as VBControlExtender. These usercontrol raise events to the client. Every now and then various usercontrol stop raising events. Looking and looking, I figured out that the EventsFrozen property is set to true. The only workaround I found that works, is to unregister the control, create a new vbp, new usercontrols, and copy & paste the controls within the usercontrols and associated code. Is there an easy way to solve this problem?? Thanks, Ivan
  • 3. Transparent "Picture Box" Control?
    Does anybody know of an image / picture control that: 1. Displays transparent GIFs 2. Has a hwnd property (so that it can easily be moved without flickering the image) Preferably has a resize property? The standard VB Image control with a hwnd poperty would suffice.... Can anybody help? Alex Kudrasev.
  • 4. Printing in VB6 Professional
    "I have written a large program (the same program as previously) to manage a winery. The proble that I would like to solve and ca find no solution for, is When using a common dialog box for the printer(s) and clicking on the Print button, it take approximately 10 seconds for the printer to respond. As this is going to be used as a point of sale program also, is there any way to cut down this time, i.e. to make the printer respond immediately Also, when using the Printer.line method, is there any way to make the lines thicker? I'm using these to create boxes surrounding information." Ex: printer.line (1,y)-(80,Y=),, One of the original problems that I had was the different response of a LaserJet & Deskjet regarding tabs and spaces. I was using "Courier" but once I changed the font to "Courier New", the forms printed correctly. The question Does a list of Fixed fonts exist somewhere TI Dick Deed
  • 5. OnLoginComplete Event is not fired! Why???
    A msrdp.ocx control is used in my vb project. It works well in W2K3. But in W2K, the OnLoginComplete Event is never fired. Does anybody know why? Help me,pls. Thanks lot. ec

Data Report Designer

Postby George Nikolaidis » Thu, 17 Mar 2005 06:35:07 GMT


I have Microsoft VB6 Learning Edition. Does Data Report Designer comes with
this version? I can't find and use it. Can anyone help me?

George Nikolaidis

Re: Data Report Designer

Postby MikeD » Thu, 17 Mar 2005 08:40:00 GMT


Nope.  You need Pro or Ent edition. The Learning edition really doesn't
include much in the way of "extras". It provides virtually nothing for data
access, reporting, many custom controls, and a lot more.

The following will give you somewhat of an idea of what LE lacks (but it's
hardly complete or specific on many things):


Microsoft MVP Visual Basic

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