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  • 1. error for keycodev2. dll not find
    I can view the report on my developing machine .But when I publish to other machine,the report can't be shown.There is a error that the keycodeV2. dll not find.I install the crystal report by visual studio.Please help.Thanks. lyp
  • 2. Pass value to Report Formula Field
    Is that possible to pass value directly to Report Formula Field? We want to do some grouping and sorting and let user to select the grouping and sorting fields. So, we plan to use formula field to do Grouping and assign the correct field name into that Formula Field. Is there any solution? Ivan
  • 3. problem with borders
    I've created a report with visual studio that works fine with my printer. when I installed my app and this report on another pc with a different printer, it was printed badly and footer was cut. how can I do with borders if they are seen in a different way with different printers? thanks bye luca
  • 4. Formatting dates inside a formula
    Does anyone know a quick and easy way to basically drop a timestamp off date in a formula? I'm concatenating text for a grouping label, "amount owed for 01/01/20XX 12:00:00AM" is what I see, i'm cool with everything else, except the timestamp. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Che
  • 5. Using Windows Scripting to update an rpt file
    Hi I have a bunch of rpt files which have data saved in them. Once a month, I'd like to be able to schedule-run a vbs script that will automatically update them with new data from the data source. I would also need to set username/password info for the database within the script to allow it to access the data source. The script does not have to run interactively -- that is, I don't need to see the report open up in front of me when the job is running. Could anyone please tell me if this can be done -- and if so, please provide some sample code. Thanks Hugh

Help a Rookie... Please!

Postby brykerr » Sat, 09 Sep 2006 02:38:34 GMT

I'm in the process of setting up five crystal reports that must be
opened , have parameters changed, run, and then exported to adobe
several hundred times per month.
I believe that VB is the key to automating this task, but I don't
really know where to get started... I would appreciate basic code
samples if anyone is willing to share.


Re: Help a Rookie... Please!

Postby drolaw » Sat, 09 Sep 2006 04:53:54 GMT

    There are a lot of questions you need to answer before you attempt
this. Just off the top of my head:

1. Is this a web based application?
2. What kind of interface (form, etc) do you want the users to see.? Do
they need to see the report output? Or, is it good enough to just
export to a location and look at the PDF file?
3. What version of VB are you using (6, VB.NET 2003, 2005)?

Anyway, I'm going to assume you are using VB.NET. If that is the case,
you would be using the ReportDocument object to load, run and export
the reports. To get this working, you need to reference the following


This code should do what you want. As to how you call it, that's a
decision you will have to make when you create the rest of the

    Private Sub RunReport()
        Dim myRep As New ReportDocument

        'get the report from the drive
        myRep.Load("Report Path Here")

        'log onto the reoport
        myRep.SetDatabaseLogon("UserName", "PassWord")

        'this is optional. If you want to view the report before
exporting it,
        'add a crystal viewer control to your form and call this line.
        CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = myRep

        'export the file to disk.


    End Sub

Re: Help a Rookie... Please!

Postby brykerr » Sat, 09 Sep 2006 06:39:13 GMT

Very helpful!!!

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