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    I would like to have all of my parameters on a single prompt form versus the individual prompts currently for my reports. Everytime I need to enter a parameter I have to click the next button and then enter another, then next again. Can I get all of those on the same page?
  • 2. Crystal Viewer Zoom
    I can set Zoom Level of CrystalViewer control from VB6 code by using Zoom method. There is ZoomLevelChanged event which fires when I change Zoom Level from code, but it doesn't fire when user changes Zoom Level within running program. And there is no Property containing current Zoom Level (at least I did not find any) I would like to write Zoom Level selected by the user into registry and use that level next time. Any suggestion how can I accomplish my task Thank you Al
  • 3. Export to PDF does not work on XP. ( Crystal 8.5 in a VB6 app running on XP )
    Hi all, Export to PDF does not work. For a customer I made a VB6 application with the crystal report enterprise 8.5 report control. It is a simple form with the control on it. When executed: The report shows, no problem. The export works fine for all formats, except PDF ! No error nothing. When export to pdf i get the 'export all pages' option and after that nothing.... It works on my development PC (XP, Visualstudio6, Crystal enterprise 8.5) I tried to gather the responsible DLL's Put them in the %root%/crystal directory and in the /system32 but to no avail. As a 'symbolic payment' i help you with any sqlserver,vb6,php or mysql question. Does anyone know about this problem ? Thanks in advance, Dennix
  • 4. problem with decimals when export from crystals reports 8 to anywhere
    Hi everybody, I have a report, made with crystals 8, and likes work fine. But when export this report to excel, text, html or another format, the next time that this report is open decimals are rounded to 0. For example the first time I see cost: 56,89 and after the export I see 56,00; decimals are rounded. Somebody knows this problem and the solution? Thanks Miquel
  • 5. error during loading report
    Hi, having created a new report in the crystal report designer, I get an error when the report is included in the Microsoft CRM. The error has the following content: "Fehler beim Laden der Datenbankinformationen" or "Error during loading databaseinformations" I have connected to the database with an OLE DB ADO connection. In the designer this works fine but in the Microsoft CRM system the error occurs. I belive the way of connecting is the problem and a possible solution could be to use the so called microsoft CRM connector. My question is: Is this the right idea and where can I find this connector because I can't find it in crystal report. thanks for your help Thomas Ott ITVT germany

Crystal Reports Server versus Crystal Reports Developer

Postby JoAnne Schmitz » Sun, 17 Feb 2008 13:50:36 GMT

I've been using Crystal Reports Developer (version XI) for a little while,
creating .NET VB apps to generate reports and print them to PDF.  I put the app
on a schedule along with a data import routine to create daily reports, and this
works well for me and my users.

Now I've been approached to do something similar for another group here at work.
They want the reports available on the web.

I understand that I can do something similar with my developer edition.  They
are also looking at getting Crystal Reports Server instead, which is a
bigger-ticket item.

It might be worth the bigger ticket if it would be significantly easier to
maintain.  But I don't have CR Server, nor have I built a Web application with
.NET, so I have no way of telling what the savings is.

Is the Server version drag-and-drop with reports, or close to it?  I have
another user who's created some reports using .ASP.

Any insight from anyone who's used either, or better both, is welcome.

JoAnne Schmitz

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