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  • 1. Simple Page Break Question
    Hi, I have a report that prints a new page when a "group" changes. If page x fills a page and produces a new page AND the "group" changes at the same time I end up with a blank page. How do you detect "just did a new page so don't do it again"? Thanks
  • 2. Refreshing Crystal Report
    how can I refresh data automatically when load the report? When i uncheck "Save Data With Report" i recieve this error message : CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.LogOnException LogOnException: Erreur dans le fichier C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Database Telephone\Telephone.rpt : Connexion impossible : les paramtres de connexion sont incorrects.] (Connexion failed : the connexion parameters are incorrect) but if i checked the "Save Data With Report" i see the report in my web form but it's not update with the new records. someone can help me? Thanks Dgef
  • 3. refreshing crystal reports 8.5
    Excuse me for my english (i'm italian and i don't know well this language)! how can I refresh data automatically when load the report? thank's Riccardo

Questions from Crystal Reports XI User Guide online

Postby Dr. Indera » Sat, 03 Sep 2005 08:33:12 GMT


i have 2 questions that i'm hoping someone can answer for me.

question #1
i'm reading the user guide on page 30 from the web site and i saw the blurb
below that discusses crystal does this mean that my current
version of crystal 2003 will be updated when i
install crystal xi?

if so, are there any visible changes to .net 2003 that i would notice, like
a different look to a screen or a new or removed menu option.

Crystal Reports .NET contains many new features. Notable among these is

dynamic prompting and cascading lists of values, an editable RTF export

format, single-sign on support, and dynamic image locations. Backward

compatibility continues to be a critical feature-no APIs or major features

were removed from this release when compared with version 10.

question #2

i saw the text below on page 37 of the user guide and am wondering if it is
really true, that if you check no during the installation, that you can't
activate the update option later. that seems kind of mean <smile>.

If you install Crystal Reports on a machine with an Internet

connection, you can choose to disable the automatic Web Update

Service feature. This features lets you check for updates and service

packs each time you open Crystal Reports; if you disable it, you cannot

activate it later.

thank you.

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