Adding Custom Paper Size in Crystal Reports

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Adding Custom Paper Size in Crystal Reports

Postby S3Jpc2huYQ » Sun, 03 Dec 2006 14:39:00 GMT

Respected Sir / Madam,
 I am working as  a softwareprofessional with core MicroSoft Technologies. 
At present I am working in .Net 2003. I am using the Crystal Reports that 
comes along with the .Net 2003 package for my Reporting Purpose. I have a 
problem in printing the reports when it comes to printing it in a Custom 
Paper size. The paper size that i use is  10in x 12in. I have set the paper 
size in the printer using the server properties in the Control panel. I am 
not able to set the paper size in the coding part as we usually do using the 

It shows only the Names of the paper that it supports. how to i Set the 
paper size to 10in x 12in.  Everytime otherwise i have to go to the Advanced 
properties in the print dialog box ,that pops up when we click the print 
button in the viewer, set the paper size which is defaulted to Letter and 
then print it. 

I would be really GRATEFUL if any of u can help me out in this problem.


Waiting for a positive reply

Please i need  Clear solution. pleaseeeeeeeeee

Think Positive. There is always an answer for a Problem. Never Say Die.

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