HotFix for Crsstal Reporst .Net 2003 - CR11NetWin_EN problems

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  • 1. Crystal Report (Report Mail)
    hi all, i like to mail a report like Print Report or view report is it possible to mail a report when we click Report button please help me with a sample code thanks Regards Khurram
  • 2. select by date without the year
    First, I would like to say thank you for this newsgroup. You guys have been great!!!! One more question, As I posted it earlier this week...which I got the answer for that. This time, my report compares sales by month for 3 different years. For example the user will select the customer_id, period and the report will display sales for 2001, 2002, 2003 for that period. I am using cross tab by year. Everything is good and all but now I would like the user to select date range, like From July 1st to July 10th. And I would like the report to display the total sales from jul 1st to 10th for 2001, 2002, and 2003. Can anyone help me with this or if you have any sample. I tried it in a couple of ways which is not working, one I created two parameters "Date From" and "Date To" .... somehow I am only getting for the current year. Thanks
  • 3. Subreport Performance Question
    Hi all, I use CR 9.0 and I've created a report that includes a subreport in the 'Details' section. Basically, the subreport summarises the data it then passes to the main report (the reason I created a subreport is that if had used only one report it would have meant literally millions of datasets for the main report to process). The report runs against a locally stored MS-Access database which has its data stored in proper MS-Access tables (directly stored in the mdb file). That said, the report accesses an MS-Access view. I've already managed to speed the subreport performance up a bit by creating this view dynamically just before the report is being displayed (MS-Access appears to be significantly quicker than CR in terms of filtering data out). The only thing that's puzzling me is the fact that CR appaears to access the view each time it opens a subreport ('Accessing Database' followed by 'Subreport: Reading Records '). Is that assumption correct ? If so, is there a way to make CR access this view only once per main report refresh and store the data of that view (temporarily) ? The 'Store Data with Report' option in combination with 'Report Bursting Indexes' (thereby indexing the fields necessary) does not seem to have any advantages over disabling them. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Edgar
  • 4. Crystal Samples
    Hi i have a kinda huge procject on my hands I am using Crystal Version) I am doing some reporting for a Call Center Infact a huge call center that uses the Aspect Phone system The Tables are extemly complex and many many relations All reports have to be on a time frame of Between two Dates Weekly Montly Can i do this with all one report Because there are so many relations would it be best to Create a SQL view and bind that to myreport I need some samples of reports to check out - possibly on the net Thanks for your help
  • 5. Crystal Reports Multiple Sub-Reports
    Hi, I am using crystal reports that ships with VS.NET 2003. I have created a report with two detail sections, each section contains a subreport. I set the datasource for each subreport using different queries, different datasets etc. But when I execute the report, both subreports contain the same data, that is the data of the last datasource set. I hope someone out there can point me to my mistake. Regards Chris

HotFix for Crsstal Reporst .Net 2003 - CR11NetWin_EN problems

Postby Mark » Tue, 29 Jul 2003 22:55:04 GMT


I applied the hotfix for crystal reports .net 2003 and is caused many

First, suddenly the application using "try..catch ex as
exception...end try" would no longer compile because crystal has now
introduced it's own "exception" object.

Second, when exporting or printing I would get the message "Logon failed!"

The solution, uninstall crystal 2003 and reinstall from
2003 CDs.

If someone can explain, I'd appreciate it.


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