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  • 1. Gettin days in month
    In crystal reports viewer I want to subtract 2 fields and divide that buy the days in the month How do I get the days in a month for a date field? Is there a DaysInMonth function? Field1 Field2 Date Days in month Calculation 4 2 01/01/2005 31 (4-2) / DaysInMonth("Jan" or 1) = 3.9 10 7 01/02/2005 31 (10-7) / DaysInMonth("Jan" or 1) = 7.6 11.5 Total for Jan
  • 2. Data Not Refreshing
    I've got a set of Crystal Reports. Crystal 8.5 and Enterprise are running on the Server. I'm accessing them via ASP web pages written in VBScript and Javascript. I'm opening them with a javascript popup as follows:<reportname> + '?user0=<user>&password0=<pass>&user0@SectionTwo=<user>&password0@SectionTwo=<pass>& apsuser=<apsuser>&apspassword=<apspass>&apsauthtype=secEnterprise&promptOnRefresh=1', 'Report', 'width=780,height=580,toolbar=no,menubar=no,status=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes'); Bits in '<>' are where we put values in. This opens the report OK, but if you open the report a 2nd time you see the same results even if the data has changed. It's obviously caching the results somehow but I don't know how to force it to refresh. If you do the lightening bolt icon it does refresh OK. I do NOT have the 'Save Data With Report' option checked on the report, so any ideas why it won't refresh and, more importantly, how to correct the problem. Thanks, Richard
  • 3. determining sub report parameter link name
    Hi, Im using VB dot net and crystal 11 I have a mainReport with a parameter @Idcustomer and in the mainReport I have a subreport @customerId They are linked using crystal. I would like to determing in the subreport the parameter name it is linked to in this case @customerId is linked to @idCustomer using code. I know there is a subreports link collection but unsure how to use it. Any ideas/code samples Tia Stu
  • 4. How to change image in crystal report at runtime.
    Since, I am facing a problem in crystal report. I have to include company logo. Since each company has different logo, so we cann't fix it as static. So i need a method using that i can change the image at runtime. I am using VS.NET2003.
  • 5. Removing Page breaks for excel export
    Hi All, Is there a way in Crystal 9 (displaying with eportfolio) to remove the header from repeating when exporting to Excel? -THanks! Dave


Postby JosFerndez Bermejo » Wed, 07 Apr 2004 16:05:13 GMT

I am deploying an aplication that uses crystal reports 10.0 crviewer, with
Installshield Express 3.5 sp4, but when I use the merge modules of Crystal
Reports I get an error.  Can any body help me? If I can't use the merge
modules, which files do I have to redistibute?


Re: Deploy

Postby vpeppers » Thu, 08 Apr 2004 07:07:20 GMT

I recommend that you upgrade to IS4 Express.  It handles Crystal far
better.  There is a white paper on Crystal's web site that gives all
the details.  Get that.  If give all the necessary merge modules and
files needed.  Unfortunately, though you would think that Crystal's
merge modules would have everything you need, they don't.

>> I am deploying an aplication that uses crystal reports 10.0 crviewer, with
>> Installshield Express 3.5 sp4, but when I use the merge modules of Crystal
>> Reports I get an error.  Can any body help me? If I can't use the merge
>> modules, which files do I have to redistibute?
>> Thanks.

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