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  • 1. Report not displaying dataset data VS 2005
    Hi I have a problem with my report not showing any of my data from my dataset. I have a xsd that contains 2 Table Adapters that represent stored procs. I created 2 typed datatables based on the Table Adapters. I have Filled the Tables from the Adapters, I've looked they are full of data. I have set the Datasource of my report from the dataset, I've tried from the typed tables, doesn't work. I have the used the Database expert and I know that the reports are using the proper ADO.net Dataset.Table for their data source. I have dragged all the fields onto my report, but when I try to view the report only the field headers show up none of the field data. This worked fine previously in VS 2003 without the TableAdapters. I have to be missing something here. Anyone that has any clues for me at all please let me know. I'm totally frustrated with this. Thanx, Evan Brown
  • 2. Crystal Reports 8.5 on Windows Server 2003
    old ASP/Crystal 8.5/migrated to Windows Server 2003 from Win2K the app exports report to PDF to a reports folder. on the windows server 2003 i get an internal asp error. i gave full permissions to "NETWORK SERVICE" account to c:\windows\temp and to the ..\reports where the PDF's are exported to. works fine for Crystal .NET bundled with VS.NET 2003. Crystal 8.5 however errors out. anyone using the older Crystal 8.5 on Win2K3?
  • 3. HELP PLEASE! creating report from very large table (sections/groups?)
    I am developing reports as part of a graduate study and some of the reports have 38 fields to display. They can't all fit in one row (SEE EXAMPLE 1) within a landscape page. I would like a way to establish multiple rows of headers and fields on each page of the report (SEE EXAMPLE 2. I have read and read about groups and sections and can't seem to solve this dilemma. PLEASE HELP - Thanks! EXAMPLE 1 - can't fit it all in one row CHILD NAME ADDRESS SECTION MOTHER NAME ADDRESS WORK PHONE CELL EXAMPLE 2 - this is what I want, each page would print several records under each heading CHILD NAME ADDRESS SECTION MOTHER NAME ADDRESS WORK PHONE CELL PHONE FATHER NAME ADDRESS WORK PHONE CELL PHONE EMERGENCY CONTACT 1 NAME PHONE EMERGENCY CONTACT 2 NAME PHONE
  • 4. Crystal report 9 How can i switch between 2 database location ?
    A report is generated against database1 with the option show sql the select is indeed to database1 when is change the data source location to another database2. The links seem te be willing but whe i use the option show sql the old database1 is till used. The data is indeed of the select with link to database1 How can i switch between 2 database location ?
  • 5. How to adjust margins
    I have a report (using VS.NET built in CR) that is used to print mailing labels. Because of variations in printers I am trying to offer an option to adjust the top/bottom and left/right margins in increments of 0.1" from 0 to plus or minus 0.5" but I cannot get any change to take place on the printed output. I take the user's adjustment input and set new values accordingly (for an adjustment of "Up 0.3 in" I set variables for the new top and bottom margins to 0.2" and 0.8" respectively) and then I multiply those values by 1440 (twips/in) and apply the margins to the report as shown here: myMargins.topMargin = valtm * 1440 myMargins.bottomMargin = valbm * 1440 myMargins.leftMargin = vallm * 1440 myMargins.rightMargin = valrm * 1440 ActiveReport.PrintOptions.ApplyPageMargins(myMargins) but it does not seem to have any effect? What am I doing wrong here? Wayne

Ordinal Numbers

Postby Rob Diamant » Thu, 31 Mar 2005 02:12:31 GMT

Does anyone know of a way to format dates like March 1st. I know I can use a 
case structure, but I am looking for alternatvies.


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4.SqlDataReader accessed only by field ordinals?

I notice that using the SqlDataReader requires the use of ordinal field 
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      do while (myDataReader.Read())
        Console.Write(myDataReader.GetInt32(0).ToString() + Chr(9))
        Console.Write(myDataReader.GetString(2) + " " + 
myDataReader.GetString(1) + Chr(9))
        Console.Write(myDataReader.GetString(3) + Chr(9))
        if (myDataReader.IsDBNull(4)) then
          Console.Write("N/A" + Chr(10))
          Console.Write(myDataReader.GetInt32(4).ToString() + Chr(10))
        end if

Is there a way for me to read data from SQL by field name (ie: column name) 
rather than by ordinal? It is much easier to program this way and also 
handles situations where fields have been inserted or otherwise changed 
position in a table.

Thanks in advance,


5.how to get true ordinal of Excel Table

"Tim_Mac" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> hi,
> i am importing excel data through a web form, using ADOX.
> i only want to grab the first worksheet, but unfortunately if the user
> re-arranges the worksheets in the excel file, the ADOX Catalog.Tables
> collection still presents the tables in the original order of the
> worksheets.
> does anyone know how to identify the ordinal of an excel
> worksheet, as it appears to the user when the file is open?
> thanks
> tim.
> if it is of relevance, the c# code i'm using is below:
> ADOX.CatalogClass cat = new ADOX.CatalogClass();
> ADODB.ConnectionClass connAdox = new ADODB.ConnectionClass();
> string connectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data
> Source=\"" + path + "\";Extended Properties=Excel 8.0;";
> connAdox.Open(connectionString, "admin","",0);
> cat.ActiveConnection = connAdox;
> DataSet ds = new DataSet();
> OleDbConnection connOleDb = new OleDbConnection (connectionString);
> connOleDb.Open();
> cat.Tables[0]... etc. etc.  // isn't the first worksheet in the file

If you are using C# then posting to this newsgroup is not appropriate.

However, in any case you will be better off asking in an Excel newsgroup.


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