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Export to PDF - Smaller Fonts - Known Issue

Postby Mythran » Sat, 26 Jul 2008 05:59:53 GMT

We develop our applications and reports using Visual Studio 2008 with 
Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008.  The same issue that's been 
around for years, where you export a report to PDF and during the export 
process, CR shrinks the fonts of text and field objects on the report. 
Simply put, this is overly annoying.  Now that we've upgraded our 
application to use VS2008 (from VS2003).

When we use larger fonts, the font size appear (but upon closer inspection, 
are not exactly) very close to the right size, but they are not.  Not only 
that, the size of the fields in question still shrink!  The field width 
shrinks but the font does not....so, either we have smaller font sizes that 
really makes the reports look ugly, or larger font sizes with LOTS of 
clipping of the text within the object.

How can we get around this to where the exported report actually looks like 
the report in the designer?  #1, we have to use crystal reports and #2, we 
have to export to PDF....

As a side question, why hasn't BO fixed this problem?  It's been a known 
problem for many years...they had a hotfix which fixed it by truncating 
text....but in the designer, the text fits perfectly...so they provided a 
hotfix for the hotfix which just removes the previous hotfix and the 
developer is back to square 1!  This is a hurdle that stinks....


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