validate and update report schema

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validate and update report schema

Postby Sally C » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 06:16:32 GMT

Yesterday I accidentally discovered that it is possible to set a report's
datasource to a DataSet with DataTable of the wrong schema. i.e. If the
DataTable's name is as expected, and if all the fields used in formula
fields are present, then no exception is thrown -- even if ordinary fields
that are used are not present in the DataTable. It seems that non-formula
fields are not "mandatory".

Once a report instance's data source is set (assuming no exception thrown),
I could then save the report as a file. When I open this new report file, it
shows the schema as the (wrong) one I've bound it to. The ordinary fields
that were present (but not part of the new schema) have disappeared, and
extra fields that were not used (but are part of the new schema) now appear.

Considering that stored procedures are used to fill the datasets, and they
may change. How do I get my reports to validate that the given DataSet's
schema and the expected schema match exactly when its datasource is set, so
that I would know when and which reports to update?

Thanks in advance.


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