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Parameters in DataEnvironment

Postby R2Vy » Tue, 11 Dec 2007 05:41:00 GMT

I am using VB6 with SQL2000 under SBS2003.

Why is tab2 (Parameters) within the DataEnvironment disabled ?
I want to add a new command, which is a SQL-statement with a
parameter (which is a public variable from the Form), like this: 
SELECT * from Table WHERE ID = m_XYZ
So the value of m_XYZ should be passed to the DataEnvironment(SQL)command.
I think, I have to set this parameter (m_XYZ) in the DataEnvironment, by 
using this tab2 (Parameters), but I cannot access the fields (adding the 
parameter m_XYZ for instance) of this tab.
I have tried the following statements, but nothing seems to work:
SELECT * from Table WHERE (ID = [m_XYZ])
SELECT * from Table WHERE ID = [m_XYZ]

In my opinion I need to use a certain syntaxis in above statement, on which 
DataEnvironment "regcognizes" this variable and put it in the 

Or am I totally wrong ? Any help is appreciated,

regards, Ger.

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Thanks you very much


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