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Setting the timeout

Postby Q2xheQ » Wed, 28 Jan 2004 01:56:06 GMT


One of our programs writes to an access database.  It does this very quickly, and there are a lot of inserts into one table.  Recently I was asked to write some code to cache failed inserts.  Once inserts started happening properly again, the cache would also be written.  But there is a problem

I need to be able to set the timeout for fails in DAO.  Right now I believe DAO, through jet, retries writing to a database 3 times, and tries for 5 seconds apiece.  Thats a max of 15 seconds to know that it has actually failed, which is way too long. 2 seconds is way to long for what we need. Is there any way to make it so that it tries once, for a maximum of one second, and then fails

If anyone knows how to do this could they let me know?  I'd appreciate it immensly!  Thanks and have a great day!

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Hi -

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Thanks for your help.

- Jeff

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Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance,

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