VB 6 Application with MS Access 2000 backend for Windows 2003 Server

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VB 6 Application with MS Access 2000 backend for Windows 2003 Server

Postby CoolerThenZero » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 05:29:43 GMT

HELP!!! everyone,

I have a VB 6 application that uses Microsoft Access 2000 as the
backend database. They say it requires MDAC 2.6 Sp2.  This application
is currently running fine on a Citrix server running Windows 2000
server. I have to migrate my citrix farm and so am upgrading to
windows 2003 server and a newer version of citrix.  However, when
trying to install this one application that 30-40 users use, I recieve
the following error.

<----------Beginning of Error-------------->
MDAC 2.6 Sp2 cannot be installed on this machine. MDAC 2.6 Sp2
requires any one of the following configurations:

Microsoft Windows 95 or 98 with Y2K update 2 and Internet Explorer
4.01 SP2 or later
Microsoft Windows Millenium
Microsoft NT 4 SP5 (or greater) and IE 4.01 SP2 or later
Microsoft Windows 2000

Setup will exit now. Please restart setup after installing the
necessay updates to this machine.
<------End of Error----->

I spoke with the vendor and they said that other IT departments might
have gotten it too work on Windows 2003 with some minor tweaks. They
said that it was developed in VB 6 with Access 2000 as the backend and
that MDAC 2.6 Sp2 was a requirement.

I installed Access 2000 on the new Windows 2003 Terminal Server and
have tried both MDAC 6 SP2 and MDAC 7 before trying to load the app
but still get the same error message without any luck.

Is there anyone out there that might might have some ideas on how to
get this app to work with some tweaks?   I would appreciate your


Re: VB 6 Application with MS Access 2000 backend for Windows 2003 Server

Postby Ralph » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 06:40:39 GMT

Well, this one sounds a little strange. The "MDAC" packages are labelled by
the highest version of the ADO they support. They also have slightly
different versions based on the OLE suite and O/S it is to run on. (the SPs
and RCs). In other words MDACs are tied to the O/S not to an application.

The vendor's insistance on "MDAC 2.6 Sp2" as a *Requirement* without regard
to the OS, and that their clients have got it to work on Win2003 with
"tweaks", suggest to me they haven't a clue what they are talking about. In
other words, I can see that ADO 2.6 may be a *requirement* but not that
"MDAC 2.6" is. Unless they have somehow made the application dependant on a
particular OLE component, in which case, IMHO they are idiots. <g>

Go ahead and install the "MDAC" appropriate for your O/S (or actually in
this case use the one already there) and give it a shot.


Re: VB 6 Application with MS Access 2000 backend for Windows 2003 Server

Postby Michael C » Wed, 19 Sep 2007 10:01:02 GMT

Have you just tried running the application? I suspect mdac2.6 will be 
installed by default.


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