Control when to Hide/Show Inactive System Tray Icon

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Control when to Hide/Show Inactive System Tray Icon

Postby Jerry McMorran » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 01:49:15 GMT

For Windows XP, inactive system tray icons will be hidden automatically according to the user's OS settings.
I know I could send a "modify" message at constant time interval to prevent my icon from being inactive. However, I would like to be
more flexible....
When you right-click the XP's task bar, you can set such settings for each icon. There are 3 choices available: "Hide if inactive",
"Always show", "Always hide".
What I'm thinking of is that are there any APIs or Registry entries to control the settings for a specific icon only? Or how to
modify those OS settings programmatically?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Control when to Hide/Show Inactive System Tray Icon

Postby Ken Halter » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 02:23:30 GMT

I haven't tried but..... here's some code.

Subject: Making certain programs' tray icons "always show" programatically

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Re: Control when to Hide/Show Inactive System Tray Icon

Postby Jerry McMorran » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 03:56:37 GMT

Thanks! I finally see some code for this.
At a glance, the code is accessing the registry and modify the "TrayNotify" key's "IconStreams" value.
However, I tried to export the content of that key to a .reg file first. Then I changed an icon from "Hide when unused" to "Show
always" by right clicking on the taskbar. And I then do another export again. I do a diff (file compare) on the 2 .reg files, they
are the same...
Where did the change go?

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Re: Control when to Hide/Show Inactive System Tray Icon

Postby Jerry McMorran » Thu, 02 Dec 2004 04:16:37 GMT

Oh, I've found out the reason.
It's been mentioned subsequent messages in the thread.

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