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    Hi to all, I have a problem while debugging.I have a remote server running windows 2003 server and iis 6.0 . i installed visual studio dot net 2003 .I have a web application that i have created on my pc (running win xp) and i uploaded it on the server. I have already created the virtual directory and i am able to open the web project on the remote server via remote desktop connection.The user that i am using is a member of the administrator group and also debugger users group. My problem is that i am unable to debug the web application on the server.I am getting and error that i do not belong to the debugger users group hence i cannot debug the application. I verified it again and confirm that i am in the administrator group and debugger users group,but still cannot debug the web application. Can anyone please help me in this problem.Any help will be kindly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. -- Regards Soobrassen Thoplan (MCSD)
  • 2. Server application unavailable when debugging
    Hi, I have a strange problem where my aspnet_wp.exe shuts down completely without any helpful error message or exception when a particular line of code runs. The line of code adds an item to a sortedlist with a valid key and valid object. The problem is, this only occurs when debugging. I have tried an 'ADPlus -crash' dump to determine the cause of the shutdown and managed to determine that the problem is a CONTRL_C_OR_Debug_Break issue, so it looks like the debugger is asking the application to stop. I have other places in the code base where the same line of code runs successfully. Any ideas? andrassynp
  • 3. VB Compiler Error in VS2005 Team Dev
    Hi, I am debugging a project that contains ADO.NET datasets. When I hit a breakpoint, and press F11 to step into the process, I consistently get a VB compiler error whenever my debugging takes me into the dataset designer code file, where the <System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCode()> attribute lives. My understanding was that this attribute would cause the debugger to step through the code, as per these remarks: "Designer provided types and members that are not part of the code specifically created by the user can complicate the debugging experience. This attribute suppresses the display of these adjunct types and members in the debugger window and automatically steps through, rather than into, designer provided code. When the debugger encounters this attribute when stepping through user code, the user experience is to not see the designer provided code and to step to the next user-supplied code statement." This does not seem to be the case for me. The error is so bad, that I get prompted to send error reports to Microsoft and have to use task manager to kill the IDE. Then I have to restart my machine! Is there a way to avoid this behavior? Thanks. -- John
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    Hello, all! I have the following problem: when I enumerate all the UDT type in pdb, I need to retrieve which methods are constant. I get the signature for member function(SymTagFunctionType) and ask it whether it is constant (using IDiaSymbol::get_constType method). And it is always returns FALSE for me even for const member functions: ... IDiaEnumSymbols *pMemberFuncs; pMemberFunc->findChildren(SymTagFunction, NULL, nsNone, &pMemberFuncs); ... IDiaSymbol *pMemberFunc = NULL; ... pMemberFuncs->Next(1, &pMemberFunc, &celt); IDiaSymbol *pFunctionSignature = NULL; pMemberFunc->get_type(&pFunctionSignature); BOOL bIsConst = FALSE; if (S_OK == pFunctionSignature->get_constType(&bIsConst)) // here I always get bIsConst = FALSE printf("const"); ... Is it my misunderstooding of DIA SDK usage? Or is it DIA SDK bug?

Debugged app does not always start

Postby Christopher Kimbell » Mon, 24 Nov 2003 00:41:14 GMT


I have a very strange problem. I am running VS 2002 on XP Pro.
I have a solution containing several projects.

When I want to debug my application it doesn't always start. Looking at the
output windows, the .NET assemblies get loaded, but when it gets to one of
my assemblies, it hangs. I have to stop debugging, then try again. Sometimes
I have to start my program 20 times before it is launched, other times it
only takes 1-2 attempts.

VS does not crash.
My assemblies do not use a strong key.

Any hints would be apreciated.


RE: Debugged app does not always start

Postby greggm » Thu, 04 Dec 2003 06:12:49 GMT

While it is{*filter*}, what happens if you do a Debug->Break? What's on the 



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