Start to debug ALWAYS opens the same editor-win

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Start to debug ALWAYS opens the same editor-win

Postby SktsaW5n » Thu, 26 Jul 2007 22:18:11 GMT

i'm using VS2005. Since a few weeks with Vista (every thing very new and 
very up to date), but before with XP the same problem:

Every time i start to debug ('F5'), the same editor-win in the studio opens 

 * All wins in VS are closed.
 * Pressing 'F5'.
 * The application begins loading.
 * A new editor-win with e.g. 'MainForm.h' opens automatically.
 * With my old XP SOMETIMES up to THREE different headers opens autom.
 * Closing the editor-wins reopens them UP TO 3 times!!!
 * The GUI of the application appears.
 * Now i can close and open on my own...

This editor-wins changes from time to time but i don't know when and why...???
Any help /suggestions?

Thanks, Jrgen

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