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unrecoverable error in VS 2005 Deployment project build

Postby VmF5VGVr » Sun, 15 Jul 2007 01:50:01 GMT

Hi All - I posted this under setup and realized that isn't appropriate - I am 
trying general now.

The exact problem is that when I build/rebuild a certain deployment project
on our build server either in the UI or using the command line command of
devenv.exe the build ends with an "unrecoverable" error.

Other bits of information:

A) The build works on other machines just not the build server.

B) Other builds work on the build machine just not this particular one. It
is a large solution with 25 projects. In the past year the solution had more
projects but some have been removed.

C) I have repaired the VS 2005 install. Rebooted. Reloaded the solution from
source safe.

I have already read the article at

It defines 5 areas to investigate and fix.

1) to many code and design windows open -
In this situation none are open - generally this is running from the command
line. In testing with the UI no windows are open except the start window.

2) Multiple folders have same name. The project is quite large but the
deployment project builds on another xp machine with the same amount of

3) Missing registrations - the problem machine has all the indicated
registry entries. Remember other builds work on this machine.

4) Mergemod.dll is not registered correctly
I have registered this dll and ole32.dll as well.

5) Upgrade from the Beta 2 of Visual Studio.
This system never had the beta 2 version.

VayTek Programmer

RE: unrecoverable error in VS 2005 Deployment project build

Postby Y2MzNDEy » Fri, 03 Aug 2007 03:32:04 GMT

I have the same problem.  I figured out my cause.

My app has 2 activex that needs to be register, so I changed to setup to 
install them to the system folder and to register them.

I get the error.  I change it back to the application folder and I don't get 
the error and it builds ok.

Hope this helps

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Ed Warren

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Thanks a lot for your attention.
Wenhai Fu

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