ASPX designer always reformats code.

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ASPX designer always reformats code.

Postby VHJldm9yIE1vcnJpcw » Fri, 08 Oct 2004 04:15:02 GMT

When I switch from HTML to Design view in my *.aspx pages, if I haven't saved 
my changes, the code inside of any asp:DataGrid controls get reformatted.

If I add any controls to a page, the asp:DataGrid also gets reformatted.

Is there a way to avoid this code reformatting?  It sure makes the code much
less readable, and causes diffs to go haywire, too.


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The problem is that everytime I save the file, (or add/remove any 
component to the page) VS.Net reformats and re-edits the whole page.

I find this very irrating because VS.Net totally disorganizes my code. 
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format to the format used in VS2005.  VS2005 uses partial classes to
split off the compiler-generated sections of forms.  It keeps the
editable files uncluttered. 

I generated very simple projects with VS2003 and with VS2005 to
compare the output.  Following are standout differences:

VS2003's Form1.cs gets split into three modules:

   Form1.cs (the new one) has only the constructor and event response
       functions.  Form1 class is declared partial.

   Form1.designer.cs also has a partial Form1 class. 
       This file gets the Dispose() and InitializeComponent()
             functions, and all the dialog objects.
       For some reason, the 'components'  object derives from
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            (Anyone know about this?)
       The InitializeComponent() function replaces the old
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            'AutoScaleMode = ...'
   Program.cs gets the Main() function, now in its own static class.
       VS2005's Main() adds a call to EnableVisualStyles()


Those appear to be the main differences.  I'm not sure if the compiler
flags are changed, but the code changes seem like they could be done
with a reformatting program.  Given the vast body of VS2003 code
with big clumsy dialogs, it would make sense to have a reformatter.

So...does it exist?

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