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  • 1. controls toolbox disappeared
    Out of nowhere my VS.NET 2005 IDE crashed and when starting it again no toolbars and docked windows were displayed. I managed to get them back, every one of them, besides controls toolbox which is essential one. Choosing Properties, Server Explorer, Solution Explorer etc. from View menu brings them all back, but that's not the case with toolbox where all the controls are. I even reinstalled it to no avail. What's with this issue? I'm practically unable to do anything without controls. btw this is just one of the "gems" in new IDE, I have a feeling Service Pack to this product will have to be available soon cause bugs are all around. thank you, regards
  • 2. Visual Studio 2005 performance - ide - load
    Hallo, i have Visual Studio 2005 Pro on Windows XP SP2 (CPU: 2200+, 512MB). I develop ASP.NET sites with C#. As soon as i save a codebehind file VS seems to compile and the system is working to capacity for some seconds, although it is a new project with only 2 sites of code. Why is that? I have to keep my hand away from mouse and keyboard partically as the system is working to capacity and nearly nothing is happening. The windows aren't displayed correctly sometimes too - blank empty windows. Why? VS 2003 is installed on the same machine too and is working without any problem - quick. thanks, toebens p.s. does anybody have a link for the topic "compilation" with .NET 2.0? obviously i dont need to build my asp.net projects because i can see changes i have made in the codebehind directly in the browser. is this the cause for the lagging system?
  • 3. Class Property Attribute Changes
    Hi All, I have a class that contains a few properties whose attributes I would like to be able to change dynamically in the IDE (i.e. within the Properties window). This class is used by various components that are added to the user's toolbox. When those components end up on on a form (after being dragged from the toolbox), we manage the component's properties through a control designer. Using that control designer allows us to dynamically change attributes in the design environment as the user works with them. For example, if the user sets a value to 'true', we can hide some attributes and make others visible, etc. Where we run into an issue is when that component contains an object. We set attributes for that object and give it a typeconverter of ExpandableObjectConverter but we are unable to set its properties dynamically, as we can with the component. The Control Designer does not work with the class so the PreFilterProperties is not possible. We've tried doing it in the GetProperties in the Converter but that has limited success - Readonly seemed OK for most properties, Browsable was never obeyed though. Would anyone know the best means to change attributes from within the IDE for a class like this, whose properties will be exposed through a component in the Properties window? Thanks in advance, Paul

VS.NET source code organiziation

Postby UGF0cmljaw » Thu, 12 May 2005 16:38:02 GMT

Dear Ng,

are there any rules and/or guidelines for organizing the source code 
projects? I have a project with app. 10 - 15 projects. How should I structure 
the folders, etc...?

Many thanks and best regards,
Patrick Braunschweig

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