parameter info tooltip text copy/paste - IS THIS POSSIBLE with a shortcut key?

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parameter info tooltip text copy/paste - IS THIS POSSIBLE with a shortcut key?

Postby gary hitch » Wed, 21 Apr 2004 04:26:34 GMT

Parameter Info tooltips popup when you're entering method calls

How can you do an auto copy/paste of that text instead just seeing it then
having to type the friggin line out by hand\

If it pops it up then i should be able to grab it somehow and get in pasted
right then & there while typing

anyone know how?


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2.Copy and paste text in a webform?

Please can someone help me out I am really stuck.

I am building a website and have been told to build into it an HTML
page which has a text box and a button to set the text to bold or
underline. The problem is that I do not see how this can be done using
ASP.NET. Is this the same as providing rich text which can be done
using a windows form control but possibly not using a web form? Does
anyone know how this can be achieve.

I appreciate any response and offer thanks.


3.Pocket PC Copy/Paste in text box

I have a Pocket PC application created with 2003.  In the emulator
when testing the application, I can select text in a text box, copy it with
a ctrl-v and paste it into another text box with a ctrl-v using the soft
Input Panel.

However, when I install the application on my Pocket PC running Windows CE
4.20, I can not copy and paste with this method--but if I use one of the
applications that comes with the device, the copy paste using ctrl-c and
ctrl-v work fine.

One other question:  How do you set the tab order of the text boxes on a
form?  I see no property for this.

4.Arrow keys as keyboard shortcuts, possible?

Hi all,

I mean using the plain arrow keys (not numpad keys) without any

The trouble I find is that arrow keys are always used to move focus
buttons / textboxes etc... But I don't want this behavior, I want to be
able to receive the arrow keys for doing things.

The only way I was able to do that, was when my form contained nothing
except labels and disabled-textboxes.

And what's with setting "e.Handled = true" in the KeyPress
eventhandlers of controls?
I thought it meant the control would ignore keypresses and allow the
form to receive it... but it didn't seem to do anything.

5.copy paste text

I have an app. that opens pdf documents.
Now i would like to use the text selectiontool of the pdf interface to
select text and then when a user presses a button it should automatically
copy the selected text in the pdf file and add it to a textbox in my app.
(p.s. the pdf viewer is integrated/implemented in my app. and they're both
on the same form : textbox & pdf field)

I thought of the following:
When a button is pressed, the app. focuses on the pdf field
and then somehow forces a ctrl-c (copy)
then focuses on the textbox and then forces a ctrl-v (paste)

I get their till the ctrl-c stuff...
Does anybody have an idea how to do this?
I know I read it somewhere a long while ago but I havn't got a clue where
that was,...


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