IDE changed my code.

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    Hello I am developing ASP.NET applications using VS.NET 2003. Its just a couple of forms with textboxes, labels, dropdowns and datagrids. Since the last week or so, when I try to edit the code or cut and paste code, it invariably crashes. I am only able to work for about 5 minutes at a time and have to save the code after every change. Its reached the stage where its unusable. The following is from my event log and shows the errors that I am getting. Faulting application devenv.exe, version 7.10.3077.0, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 5.1.2600.2180, fault address 0x0002ae22. Faulting application devenv.exe, version 7.10.3077.0, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x00000000. Faulting application devenv.exe, version 7.10.3077.0, faulting module msvb7.dll, version 7.10.3077.0, fault address 0x00035bc9. Fault bucket 42552024. We've tried rebuilding my pc from scratch and it worked for about 4 hours but is now crashing again. Help !
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    Okay, I am having a very rough problem that I cant seem to resolve. I have installed VS.NET 2005 and SQL Server Express (through the VS installer) and when I go to add a Database Locally through the Solution Explorer, It pops up with an error "Connections to SQL Server Files *.mdf require SQL Server Express 2005 to function properly. Please verfiy the installation of the compnent or download from <blah>". Well, I figured, ok, no biggie; and downloaded it and installed the Later Version. Same thing. Stopped and restarted the services, same thing. Downloaded the SQLExpress Advance and Toolkit, same thing. After searching google to no end, I realized I had an extra problem. Not only can I not Create a MDF Locally (I can do it through the SQLExpress Manager Studio) and so on. I opened up the TCP/IP, etc. Nothing I do works. To re-iterate: Whenever I open or try to create a MDF through the Solution Explorer (locally to the project) it gives this error: "Connections to SQL Server Files *.mdf require SQL Server Express 2005 to function properly. Please verfiy the installation of the compnent or download from <blah>" I have installed and uninstalled VS.NET, SQL Express, etc to no end. Please help me! OS: Windows XP Pro .NET IDE: Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition, currently using C# --------------------------------- Me Coder, You User I dont tell you how to do your job, dont tell me how to do mine.
  • 3. History not available in VS.Net 2003 for ASP project.
    I recently used VS.Net 2003 to create a solution for an old ASP project. Everything works as far as seeing all the files, check-in/out, but the history is not available. Is there something I need to do in order to see the history of the ASP files? Some additional information. The ASP files are located on a development server and I created the project from my local workstation. Thanks in advance. -- Robert
  • 4. VS.NET 2003 - Find all uses of a method (a la dependency tree)
    Hey all, I'm new to the .NET world coming from Java. Is there a way in Visual Studio .NET 2003 to be able to find 'all the uses of a method'. For example, in Eclipse w/ Java you could highlight a method object.doSomething() and then it would search through all open source files to find exactly where that method was being used. It was very useful when learning new code bases. Is there a similar feature (or add-in) in VS.NET 2003? Thanks, Curt

IDE changed my code.

Postby ghostnguyen » Sat, 01 Oct 2005 17:47:32 GMT


When I developed ASP.NET page, I code at the end of a page in "HTML" mode 

<!-- InstanceEnd -->

but when I switch to "Design" mode and switch back "HTML" mode, my code is 

<!-- InstanceEnd -->

The order of this comment is important in my project because there are other 
tools that use these comment.

Thanks for any help!


RE: IDE changed my code.

Postby RFdT » Sun, 02 Oct 2005 08:30:01 GMT

I was able to duplicate your error.
But when I save ctrl+s before switching...

Good Luck

Re: IDE changed my code.

Postby ghostnguyen » Wed, 05 Oct 2005 17:20:43 GMT


Unfortunately, Ctrl+S worked well in few days and stopped without any 
reasons so I need another solution.


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Dim _WebProxy As New sWS_Sales

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gets very hard to open the form in the designer.  What we normally do is 
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the proper code type.  If that doesn't work, we have to resort to 
manually editing the .csproj file.

Our project is large, and the above workaround is only temporary, so we 
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we have a list of a bunch of 'changed' .csproj files...

I don't have steps to duplicate, nor the resources to allocate to try 
and determine what (or if) there are steps that lead to this bug.

Can someone from Microsoft:

  - confirm that this is a known bug

  - detail specific steps that can be taken to prevent the IDE from 
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  I tried rebuild, reboot, etc. But doesn't help.
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Help! Bob M

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So far the only solution I have found is to either keep the date a day ahead 
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Kind regards,

Martin Horn. 

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