How to make Custom Compile command?

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How to make Custom Compile command?

Postby SmFtZXMgRWR3YXJkcw » Fri, 17 Dec 2004 13:45:01 GMT

I'm working on the build system for a C++ project that has certain C++ files 
in the project that are set as "excluded from the build", but are in reality 
included through other means (in other C++ files).  I would like to set 
things up so that when users hit Ctrl-F7,  instead of compiling the current 
C++ file, it takes the name of the current C++ file in the editor and maps it 
to the real C++ file name that needs to be built and builds that instead.  
Does anyone have any idea how to set up a custom macro to do this?  I can 
figure out how to set up the filename mapping, my primary question is how to 
get the current editor filename and issue the build command, etc.  We are 
also using a custom AddIn plugin (in C++) that intercepts IDE build events 
and runs prior to every build, but I haven't figured out how change it to 
intercept and modify compile events for individual files.

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Microsoft (R) Visual Basic .NET Compiler version 7.10.3052.4

for Microsoft (R) .NET Framework version 1.1.4322.573

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1987-2002. All rights reserved.

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what is given is that my team prefers to compile java code through Sun JavaC
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4.Changing my clock makes my app not compile?

Maybe try doing a Clean then Rebuild??

Tony K.

"Scott McNair" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message 
news: XXXX@XXXXX.COM ...
> I'm writing a routine that does some cleanup whenever it senses a change 
> in
> the date.  The only way to test my code is to set the date back to
> yesterday at 11:59pm and observe the change as it occurs.
> I did so, and noticed an error.  So I altered my code to allow for the
> error and rolled the clock back a minute or two, so that it was back to
> 11:59 yesterday.  The same behavior occured.
> So I put a MsgBox in the routine to alert me to what the value was for a
> couple of variables, and I re-ran the app.  The MsgBox never ran.
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> I reset the time to the current time and compiled, and everything worked
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> It seems as though .NET has some safeguard to keep you from compiling over
> a newer version with an older version.  Am I correct in this assumption? 

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