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Handling events issue in macros

Postby QWxleGFuZGVyIExva290a292 » Tue, 19 Oct 2004 17:47:06 GMT

Hi all,

I tried to handle MiscFilesEvents.ItemAdded in a macro but failed to do 
that. The code looks like this:

Public Module EnvironmentEvents
#Region "Automatically generated code, do not modify"
'skip that lengthy stuff
#End Region

'not sure if this code is required since
'the other events (SolutionItemsEvents) work properly without it
Public Sub DTEEvents_OnMacrosRuntimeReset() Handles 
        MiscFilesEvents = DTE.Events.MiscFilesEvents
End Sub

'This handler has never been invoked for some reason
    Private Sub MiscFilesEvents_ItemAdded(ByVal ProjectItem As 
EnvDTE.ProjectItem) Handles MiscFilesEvents.ItemAdded()

        MsgBox("Project item added: " & ProjectItem.Name)
        printText(msg, con)

    End Sub
End Module

What's wrong with this code? How can I catch the EnvDTE.ProjectItemsEvents 

Thanks in advance,

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