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VS2005 TableAdapter TableMappings

Postby U2ltb24gTGFtcGVu » Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:53:03 GMT

Sorry I can't find a VS2005 group so here goes...

Is it possible to visually edit the TableMappings of the underlying 
DataAdapter of a TableAdapter??

This is possible to do for a simple DataAdapter using the properties window 
when exposed on the simple component designer. I can resort to the 
DataAdapter object but the ability to generate code for the FillBy and 
GetDataBy methods is attractive, however it would be nice to be able to 
easily abstract away ugly Database column names by use of the TableMapping 

I have tried to expose the underlying DataAdapter of the TableAdapter by 
creating my own property with the Browsable codeattribute set but the DataSet 
Designer seems impervious to my efforts to get my custom property to show in 
the properties window.
This seems a step backward in configurability of a new fairly useful object.

Also is there an easier way to view/edit the xsd (ie xml source) of the 
dataset in any of the dataset designers. I can't find an obvious xml tab, 
only the view code, view designer options. 
The open with... option provides some relief, but what happened to 'context 
sensitive', an xsd is xml so why not have a 'view schema' or 'view xml' 
Are the VS2005 team trying to take the accessibility of XML out of dotnet :0).

Any tips would be much appreciated.

RE: VS2005 TableAdapter TableMappings

Postby S2VuIENhcnRlcg » Tue, 17 Jan 2006 22:12:09 GMT

It would appear that MS really dropped the ball when it came to table 
management.  I think that is because they are{*filter*} there hat on fixed 
positioning feature. However, when you have a table the only thing you can 
tell of its content is the first level and even then you have no edit 
capability of that element under the visual interface unless you pull it out 
(via the code view) of the table into the open.

Despite being extremely impressed with the rest of VS2005 this oversight is 
either arrogance or stupidity at its best.

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