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    I installed vs.net 2008 on win 2003 everything runs great beside that each time I hit F5 (to build and show my webpage in the browser) IE prompts me for a password. I enter the current users password and get access to the page. There is a remember me checkbox... but it doesnt remember me and it really shouldnt prompt me in the first place. Anyone got an idea about why this is happening and how I can turn it off? best regards,
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    I've read an article about WPF localization. It said it is recommended to manage Uid's with msbuild /t:updateuid projectname, and use locbaml command line tool to parse and generate satellite assemblies. But, this is really tedious. I have to open a command prompt, have to move to the directory where the files exist, and type long commands. Is there any way to do these within VS.NET? If not, is there any GUI tool that makes it easy to these? Thanks.
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    I am using Linq to Dataset. I have a Compact database (.sdf) that is the source of my dataset. In the course of development several new queries have been added to the table adapters for the dataset. Recently I had to refactor a large portion of my database. I now want to refresh the dataset designer to be using the latest version of my database. Is there a way to refresh the Dataset without loosing all my custom Table Adaptor Queries? I have tried creating a separate partial class definition of the my table adapters, but that does not work because the desinger.cs file is generated from the xsd file. Any other ideas? It feels like there should be a "Refresh but keep changes" button or something.
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    how can I show my comile bar on vs2008 IDE? TIA

upload utility

Postby Alex Preston » Thu, 07 Aug 2003 18:57:56 GMT

Does anyone know how to use the Web Hosting Provider Upload Utility Add In?


RE: upload utility

Postby paulmc » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 01:53:55 GMT

I'm not sure what you mean.  Are you talking about the Copy Project capability (found on the Visual Studio .NET 2003 menu at Project/Copy Project), or the 
Web Hosting features in the Start Page (under Online Resources/Web Hosting), or something else?

Paul McKee
VS Core team

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In my .aspx.vb file
  Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As 
System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

         If (Not IsPostBack) Then
             Button1.Attributes.Add("OnClick", "alert('The selected 
file(s) has been loaded.\nThe Order will be refreshed to reveal the 
file(s).');refreshOrder('" & [cart_id]() & "');self.close();")
         End If
     End Sub
Sub SubmitButton_Click(ByVal Source As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
         Dim filepath As String = 
         Dim MAXSIZE As Integer = 
         Dim uploadedFiles As HttpFileCollection = Request.Files
         Dim strFilenamesCollection As String = ""
         Dim i As Integer = 0

         Dim arrPostedFile As New ArrayList
         Dim fullFileName As String
         Span1.InnerHtml = Nothing

         If totalUpload(uploadedFiles) Then
             Do Until i = uploadedFiles.Count
                 Dim userPostedFile As HttpPostedFile = uploadedFiles(i)

                     If (userPostedFile.ContentLength > 0) Then
                         userPostedFile.SaveAs(filepath & "\" & cart_id 
& "~" & _

                         fullFileName = cart_id & "~" & 

                     End If

                 Catch ex As Exception
                     Span1.InnerHtml += "Error:<br>" & ex.Message
                 End Try
                 i += 1
             Span1.InnerHtml += "Above file(s) has been saved.<br>"
             Span1.InnerHtml = "<font color=red><b>Total file uploaded 
has exceeded " & MAXSIZE / 1000000 & " MB.</b></font>"
         End If

     End Sub
Private Sub disablePostedFileInout(ByVal n As Integer)
         Dim jScript As String

         jScript = "<script language='javascript'>"
         ' jScript = jScript & "function disableInput(" & n & " ) { "
         jScript = jScript & " var j = 0; "
         jScript = jScript & " for( var i =0; i< 
document.form1.elements.length; i++){"
         jScript = jScript & "  if( document.form1.elements[i].type 
=='file') { "
         jScript = jScript & " 
document.form1.elements[i].style.visibility = 'hidden'; "
         jScript = jScript & "   if ( (j + 1) == " & n & "  ) return; "
         jScript = jScript & " } ) "
         jScript = jScript & "</script>"
         RegisterStartupScript("DisableInput", jScript.ToString)

My question is how to call a javascript without using any control, such 
as button.

C Chang

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