Some classes not show in the class view window

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Some classes not show in the class view window

Postby kevinniu » Wed, 11 Oct 2006 10:07:24 GMT


Just upgrade a eVC4 progect in VS 2005.

Some of the classes in the project not shown in the class view window.

Like MainFrm and some others.

How do I make them shown?

the new solution compiled and run ok


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I have a vc++(.net 2002) solution with multiple projects 
and a file that is shared by all of them.  But in some of 
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2.Datagrid not showing a property of a class of a class

Please bear with me as I may not be using the right terminology to describe
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I have a Enumerable class to store instances of Order called "Orders";

************my codd***********
DataGridTableStyle dgts = new DataGridTableStyle();
dgts.MappingName = "Orders"

DataGridTextBoxColumn col = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();

col.HeaderText = "Order ID";
col.MappingName = "OrderID";                       //this one works!

DataGridTextBoxColumn col2 = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();

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I have VS 05.
In the toolbar menu for Class View window you can click on "Class view 
In this Class view Settings you can checkmark for "Show Inherited members" 
mean that you want to see Inherited members for selected class.

It seems to me that this Show Inherited members doesn't work so I just want 
to know if
this might be bug.

So if I have a base class called Base and a derived class called Derived as 

class Base
    public void foo(){}

class Derived : Base {}

In this simple example when this Show Inherited members is choosen I would
get foo being displayed in the members Pane when selecting class Derived but 
nothing is being displayed.

Can anybody explain if this is as known bug or if I have missunderstood the 
usage of this function.

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