WTS Patton SIP/H323 VOIP Gateways - w/2 yr warranty & lifetime support

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WTS Patton SIP/H323 VOIP Gateways - w/2 yr warranty & lifetime support

Postby isptrader » Sun, 26 Jun 2005 01:11:58 GMT

WTS Manufacturer Brand New Patton SN2300/SN2400 Voice Gateways, with 2
manufacturer warranty and lifetime technical support and software

These are manufacturer brand new, award-winning Patton Smartnode voice
gateways that compare favorably with the AS5350. Focusing on the small
provider, no expensive SmartNet or other support contracts are needed,
the total cost of ownership, support, and value is far, far better
anything comparable.

Features: 1 to 4 VOIP PRI. SIP/H.323, G.711, G.726, G.723, G.729a/b,
FoIP, etc. Please visit  http://www.**--****.com/ 

SmartNode 2300 1E1 VOIP $ 3,995 
SmartNode 2300 2E1 VOIP $ 6,450 
SmartNode 2400 2E1 VOIP $ 7,395 
Smartnode 2400 3E1 VOIP $ 9,850 
Smartnode 2400 4E1 VOIP $11,990 
SmartNode 2300 1T1 VOIP $ 3,795 
SmartNode 2300 2T1 VOIP $ 5,995 
SmartNode 2400 2T1 VOIP $ 6,995 
Smartnode 2400 3T1 VOIP $ 9,250 
Smartnode 2400 4T1 VOIP $11,395 

SmartNode 1E1/T1 VOIP Expansion Card $ 2,499 

Brand new, fully licensed, with 2 year mfr warranty and support. In
and ready to ship.

 http://www.**--****.com/  (company information and catalog)


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4.WTS AS5850 New In Box With a 1 Year Warranty

I have a AS5850 for sale with a 1 year warranty for $177,500.00!  It has 4
CT3s and 6 324UPCs in it and is NIB (new in box) on the original pallet and
is same as new. Cisco sells them new for for $191,000.00 and has a 60 day
lead time.  I also have 2 available with 2 CT3s instead (for a bit cheaper)-
email me directly if you are interested. We ship worldwide.


Martin Snell
Wanforce Technologies, Inc.
(813) 639-7684

5.WTS: Cisco AS535/AS5400's **NEW** 90 Day Warranty!!

These Cisco Access Servers are brand new in the box with 90 day warranty:)

AS535-2E1-60-AC $8,600
AS535-2T1-48-AC $8,400
AS535-4E1-120-AC $16,000
AS535-4E1-108-AC $15,500
AS535-4T1-96-AC $14,500
AS535-8E1-216-AC $24,500
AS535-8T1-192-AC $23,500 
AS5400-16T1-384-AC $41,500
AS5400-16E1-480-AC $44,000
AS5400-CT3-648-AC $52,000

**The above are in stock!**

***The below we order and have a 3-4 day lead time.***
           ***Discounts for quantity orders!***
AS5400HPX- 16T1-384-AC $49,500
AS5400HPX-16E1-480-AC $51,700
AS5400HPX-CT3-648-AC $68,000 List is $110,500

**References are available upon request**

Kevin R. Wendolowski
Doretel Communications, Inc.
Director of North East Sales
973.479.6026 Phone
973.697.4720 Fax
AOL IM:  fla4me3

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